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    shelter/housing/quarters for evacuees/associates

    what have you done to provide shelter for a bunch of new folks?
    hmm. well, as an associate that's "nunya" (as in "none of ya business")

    so, maybe you don't want to tell me what "you" have, but you could tell us what your 3rd cousin has at their retreat/homestead.

    what if the shtf (huge fire in your state set in multiple places by north Korean spies or whatever)
    and folks started showing up at your place. a few are planned for. and you have an extra bedroom for them.
    but, additional folks show up. folks that you care about and trust and want to provide for...
    what have you got that can get them out of the weather?

    my first answer is I have some tents. the problem is, this is a long term situation.
    my tents are wally world quality.

    where are they going to poop? wash up? shelter from weather?

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    Being a host like this is not a fun job. Pretty much no matter what, you get shiite on. The pleasantries end after a day or two or as familiarity sets in. The more you try to assist, the more seems to be expected by some.

    The notion that "people are just going to be happy to be in a safe place and will be so damn grateful" is pollyannish BS from some neophyte that has never actually DONE this sort of thing.

    The saying is true, after three days both fish and guests start to stink.

    Short term stay for the hurricane thing is one thing, long term living together, quite another.

    People just don't understand how to respect others any more, nor their stuff.

    Probably most frustrating of all is the comparison crap. Like it's a fricking competition or something?? A wife of a friend who had four kids used to show this clearly and make statements like "we would do all this if we didn't have all these kids." Well crap sweetie, there is an easy answer for that, it's called frickin birth control and even the health department will give you that crap free if your so desperate. Where were you when we were eating nothing but rice and lentils for years and never doing anything while scrapping to get out of debt? Oh that's right, you were buying a house you couldn't afford that you ended up losing. While your hubby that has no drive is sitting on his arse in his off hours, we were making our place what it is. While your kids are running ragged everywhere, ours was helping us with tasks around the place, as young as four. So we might have started at similar places in different times, but our different outcomes are more because we didn't sit and crybaby, we just worked hard, paid off debt instead of shirking it and decided not to have 57 children we couldn't afford nor RAISE.

    Hosting is a major uphill battle, your the male genitalia no matter how you cut it. The common pollyanna thought is that people will be so grateful, helpful and sincere. That's all total bullshiite.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    I can tell you from experience that combining families in good times is stressful. Better to explain the chain of command up-front. As far as readiness, one extra furnished bedroom, our one couch is a pull-out. One basement room has a folding cot. As needed we can move all our grown children in with their offspring. Hopefully they will bring food. Two of the children have self sufficiency skills. One may have to be food for the dogs ;-).

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    yes. bill and ld are absolutely correct..
    somehow, I got us off on a psychological, sociological, teamwork (or lack), who's the boss, organizational chart etc... discussion.

    in this thread I hoped we'd see some suggestions of what folks are doing or planned to do. and if they are doing nothing, then they would begin to consider the need (or lack thereof!)

    an old farmer I know has facilities on his farm for visitors. he's transformed an old tenant house. not fancy but easily livable for 1 family, maybe 2 in a crunch.
    he also has allowed some very close associates to bring in travel trailers, which have been set up on a semi permanent basis.
    he also has allowed a few folks to set up very small and very basic "camp houses" on both of these last 2 items, think "deer camps" that you may have seen.

    i'm helping some folks build a metal barn. the barn is up. the main purpose is for equipment.. but they had the metal guy add rolled insulation to sides and roof. then he has started adding additional insulation on a couple of walls and a full bathroom. the sink is utilitarian. big enough to wash clothes in or dishes. I asked why all the added insulation and bathroom. they didn't want to discuss, but finally said something on the order of "in an emergency, a couple of families could live in this building."

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    Yeah sorry for the slight derail. However I think it's important to be realistic in this sort of thing, and few have actually experienced this long term.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    Good timing on your post RR. Thousands of people were told to evacuate ATL airport yesterday as a result of a power outage. All food vendors were shut down and hotels near the airport were already at capacity before the power went out. Some were just roaming the streets looking for an open restaurant and/or a place to sleep. Some took cabs to neighboring areas to find shelter. Eventually, a convention center was opened to house some, but still no food. Restrooms and water fountains were working, but the electric soap dispensers were not. One report said that some were breaking into non-working vending machines for food after only a few hours. Interesting test.

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    ld, no problem. it needs to be said anytime the subject I brought up comes to the table...

    bill, I live in the southeast... an associate is heading here for Christmas with his family... the fires in the west are not far from their home. their plane landed in Atlanta this p.m. it wouldn't take much... what if the situation at the airport was a test... by badguys to see what effect it would have?

    I have medical associate that was involved in katrina and the evil that nawlins folks committed after ?whatever big storm that happened a few years back. Katrina? he's very calm usually, but when I asked about the coliseum refugee situation, he made it clear the evil was energetic and way worse than the news media indicated.

    and per ld's post, the bride and I have begun to evaluate most guests and potential guests... on the order of ... what do we know about them? what kind of folks? their upbringing? their jobs? how do they vote? did they help or sit back and want to be waited on? what are their values?

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    at a "show" one time a speaker mentioned a couple of times how he was running water over a large part of his property. he had lots of spigots set up. I didn't understand the full need at the time.

    later I met a group of campers that were primarily ex military. this group (as far as I knew) all had motorhomes or travel trailers or 5th wheels. it was mentioned that ole John had water spigots scattered out at his place and could handle a group of campers.
    as I considered this capability the speech at the show made more sense...

    if a group of friends decided to evacuate and rolled in with their campers, being able to hook up 10 different campers at 10 different locations would be a huge benefit...
    even if it was tent campers. and you wanted to quarantine the newcomer for a couple of weeks, having a water spigot at the quarantine tent/shack/shed would make things go a lot smoother.

    as a kid with a few animals to care for, I had to carry water to the barn...
    every day, at least 2 buckets. wasn't fun, barn/pasture wasn't near the house.
    I finally built a small dam across neighbors stream and spent a couple of weeks digging a ditch/streambed to get water to a corner of our pasture. that ditch became the main streambed over the years.
    I went back years later (after my parents sold property) I was surprised to see evidence of cars/foot travel and headed back to "investigate."
    there were squatters all in the area of streambed. homeless? Travelers? who knows? but water. I left.

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