Always something to do on the homestead.

Had big plans for some range time this weekend. The reality of work that needed to be done and hands being available shot that down for the time being.

Instead we drove over and took care of the cows and changed the hay roll and worked with them for a bit. Then we checked out some work that was done to a relatives property over that way since we were there. It's in a "seedy" area where some things have ended up missing at times so we rolled in ready to go. It's been nothing to run into trespassers there that are armed and bad attitudes. It's the whole "I've been coming here (trespassing) for 40 years!!" mindset that makes some people think they can do whatever the hell they want on someone else's place. I can't tell you how many tree stands, fishing chairs we have destroyed that POS have left there.

We've been using firewood like crazy the last week to ten days, with no let up in the near future. Snow is forecast for this week which is a very rare thing here.

Finished splitting and stacking a couple truckloads of wood we cut recently. That stuff won't be burnt for at least 3-4 years based on current stocks, but it will be well dried by then. Most of our firewood averages about 3 years old when it is finally burnt. This results in more heat and less smoke. This is an important consideration many new folks don't think about. Sometimes looking at the chimney cap outside, all you can see is a faint heat mirage. The less smoke the less smell the less visibility.

Had a great year with the rabbits, best in a while. Even births in cold weather have went well for the most part. About ten coming up right now and seven more were put in the freezer today as well. Switching out the breeders definitely helped as we went through a rabbit slump a few years ago.

It's interesting, we think about the people that run to the store and buy bread and milk right before a storm or cold freeze. We were doing the same the last couple days, just in a different way- putting up grub and fuel.