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    "Battle belt" setup

    Who runs one? Do you like it? What do you use on it?

    Have run plate carrier and chest rig for a decade or so now. Rarely carry a pistol with it.

    Working on a battle belt type setup utilizing a HSG Slim grip padded belt setup.

    Torn between just keeping it fricking simple and going- holster, 2 mag pouches, knife.

    Or the above plus a Taco rifle mag pouch and a blow out kit.

    This seems to fit with my current setup, but I have not yet run it in the field. I don't usually see a lot of utility of carrying a pistol in the field if already carrying a rifle, but my rifle is pretty reliable also. If I had to carry something different I would definitely carry a pistol in addition.

    Not looking at doing suspenders, just the slim grip padded belt setup.

    Thoughts? What do you run like this, how has it worked out?

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    Good thread. This is something that I have struggled with for a couple of years. I purchased an AK dedicated vest. It came with a high chest mounted, Velcro mounted pistol holster which I removed in leu of a 4th mag pouch. Poor man’s body armor. I purchased a drop-leg rig. It makes a great dirt/mulch scoop when crawling around on the ground, plus, as it is a generic medium auto holster, I did not trust that it would stay put. Money wasted. Back to square one. I have seen a side belt holster that takes up little belt space and spaces the pistol away from the vest/plate carrier. I could not find it easily, but if I see the video again, I’ll post it here.

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    Battle belts.

    I picked up a half dozen from the now defunct Uncle Sams retail outlet for $1.50 ea.
    Talked around about them and most folks go "Huh?".

    Anyway, they are more comfortable than the old Pistol belt but work pretty much the same way.

    With the old pistol belt, at times it was good but there were times that the H harness made them better.

    On the battle belt, mine have 3 small d rings, one on each end and one in the middle (rear).

    BUT if you wear it with those on the top of the belt, the handy pockets (belt adjustment pockets) are on the bottom which means you can't use them.

    With no suspenders, you can wear them with the D rings on the bottom and you have two handy stash pockets on the top, near each end of the belt.

    Like the pistol belts, the battle belts are usable w/o suspenders, but with suspenders they are better at what they do.

    The suspenders really are needed in combat and field usage and once you get used to them, they're second nature and really nice.

    Any advice folks have got will be really appreciated.

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    I run on.
    Mostly because since I got hurt years back it helps distribute Weight.
    I need to upgrade the belt it self. But it works....and I'm cheap lol.
    Mine is a modified cpf90 hip pad.
    From left to right.

    Two pistol mag pouches (2+g17 mags).
    1x hsgi ump. Rifle mag pouch.(2+ 47 mags)
    Saw pouch- this pouch holds odds ends. Gloves,EE kit..etc.
    Tear away ifak
    Double m4 pouch- holds a Izxy and CAT.
    glock field knife
    Eagle mk1 drop leg/g17.

    Think that's all of it.

    I've debated dropping the saw pouch in favor for a small dump pouch like a rolly Polly or the likes. Or water bottle/canteen pouch.
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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