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    traveling with a firearm and tag readers

    some states have very restricted laws on firearms.

    i was reading at another site and the subject came up about traveling through a state with strict rules.

    one comment i saw several times was that the "tag readers" that are on many cop cars
    can also gather driver/owner information.
    are linked to the states concealed carry permit data base.

    if you are driving through maryland and you are a concealed carry person,
    and a tag reader cop pulls you over
    he may already know that you are concealed carry person, meaning maybe there is a firearm in the car.
    and that gives him a reason to target your vehicle for a police visit.

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    Let’s not let that pesky 4th amendment get in the way of real police work.�� Arter leaving a large metro area for small-town life, I was surprised to see that my local leo’s are using plate readers. Letters to the editor of our local newspaper inquiring about this have not been answered. I asked a retired Leo about it, he said he supposed that they were looking for stolen cars and people without insurance, but he wasn’t sure.

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