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    Meanwhile in Russia...

    While we are "concerned" about Facelessbook and Tweeter taking over our lives and who will be complaining about the President tonight, Russians are being advised on what to bring with them to the nuclear shelters.

    Oh that's right, they took nuclear preparedness seriously, so they actually HAVE shelters! Well damn, they are already far ahead of 99.9% of Amerikans.

    Meanwhile, new "preppers" pay about zero attention to NBC/CBRN preparations. If you aren't, perhaps you should finally start.
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault your poor?"

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    I agree, the time may be here to prep for a potential nuke attack. This evening, the idiots in Washington just launched an attack on the Syrian government...for fighting ISIS. I hope no Russians are harmed or we may lose a ship or two, including thousands of enlisted personnel.

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