i just spent a little time near the alabama/mississippi line on the north end of the state.

if you are considering moving or building your retreat center, may i suggest you consider this area..

lots of churches. with good attendance even mid week.
friendly down home folks... looking after one another.
a fellow had a very sick daughter. the folks at church we visited were talking about the family and
how they were going to help financially.. fellow went to some other church. they didn't know that i knew the fellow and his situation.
folks felt very comfortable talking about their Creator and related issues... not showing off. just normal courtesy and respect.
i suspect salaries/wages are low... but cost of living is low.
visited a factory and the workers were glad to be there. proud of their jobs. and proud of their product.

hilly, but gardens were popular and soil didn't look washed out... looked fertile.
loved their hunting and fishing and many had lived there for generations.
lots of pickups. fuel prices were less than average.
factory and store owners were humble. helping in the community.
the men had respect for the ladies.
the women didn't have their privates hanging out of their clothes.

i didn't see anyone that looked like they had terrorism in their blood or attitude.
a nice place to visit... and
a nice place to live if the country has trouble.
just a thought that kept running through my head!