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    Ever wanted to live in a silo...

    Watched this guys vids ways back. He's still going with it.
    Long story short. Guy busy a silo and starts to unseal and Redfern it. Pretty cool actually. Enjoy.
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  2. #2 has listings for silos and comm bunkers. They were affordable about 10 years ago or so. The Atlas E sites are the best ones.
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    Watched a show HGTV with 2 ladies buying silo's (metal) cutting them down to correct height, then cutting a pc out of one ring,(makes smaller) reassemble with a smaller ring inside so a 4-6 inch hollow base was formed on a footing then they cut out window/door frames boxed them all in. They then poured boat foam 50/50 in the space and it rose up to the top lip. stuck a foam lined roof on it . it looked neat and they said heats very well . anyway you get the Idea. It was on HGTV. I have been looking for a silo ever since.

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