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    options for location or optional retreat?

    i don't want to leave my current location... neighbors, village, tools, layout... whatever the reason(s) i think most of us want to stay where we are or at the scheduled "retreat compound."

    print sure looks small?

    anyhow, over time i've offerred to a couple of others that if there is problem at their location, to head my home, and the response usually goes, "hey, thanks, but you don't understand. i've got supplies at the barn, great house, great garden, and house is 1/4 mile off the road behind a fence.
    and,,, i've got 3 other families that are coming here... their gear is already pre located HERE!

    so, i don't want anyone's back up plans... just suggesting that i/we all should have a couple of alternative destinations. with some appropriate prepositioning.

    have you ever had a huge storm to hit an area near you?
    example... a nice homestead. masonry, barns, shelters, large farm motorized equipment, trucks, supplies... one day all is there... storm hits. next day. nothing... just scattered debris.
    one example that comes to mind... farmer is on all 4's in his underwear in the ditch. he was blown ? out of house. house and all of above stuff i listed is now gone. just ain't there any more.

    example 2... nice homestead. been there for decades. stickbuilt home. sheds, barns, way off the road. pond.. great setup... no storm shelter... storm hits. all is gone... owner is gone.

    maybe it's a weather issue. maybe it's rioting. maybe ? _fill in the blank__________ ...

    and my fallback plan is seriously lacking!

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    Options are good.
    But sometimes folks just have the "going down with the ship" mentality. Others just never see it coming.
    Hey dropped your man pad!

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    I admit that I had a false sense of security here. I live in the mountains, a couple of miles off of the main road. I have high elevation from the main road and a couple of like-minded neighbors. I felt fairly secure until a forest fire came within 30-miles of my homestead a couple of years ago. I had to think fast because after all, nothing bad ever happens here. My plan was head out in a camper with a few week's supplies to a safer spot until the trouble was over, but it took that to remind me that poop does happen. Many folks were displaced for a few weeks until the fires were over and many lost everything. Fortunately, we were not inconvenienced, but I now have supplies ready a a moment's notice ready to deploy in case of a short-term evacuation. Long-term, not so much.

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