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Thread: AR10 question

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    AR10 question

    My neighbor is considering buying/bartering an AR10 in .308 and he asked me what I thought. As I am not an AR guy, I had nothing to share. Is there anything he should look for? Are there any inherent problems? Is .308 hot for this platform?

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    Not hot, pretty common.
    Like most ARs ... quality brand helps...good ammo..good lube...and some pixie dust to keep it running . Lol.
    Hey dropped your man pad!

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    I've been well pleased with my two Armalite AR-10 originals. The ones that use the M14 magazines.
    Not a problem, a pleasure to shoot and work well with a gen 3 nvg scope.

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    Thanks for the input. He purchase/traded for it and is as happy as a child with a new Red Ryder. He also got 40 rds. of premium ammo. For future goodwill, I handed him a bagful of mil-surp for range time. When our ranges open back up, we will go and hurt some paper.

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