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Thread: Ruger Rifle

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    Ruger Rifle

    A family member wanted me to take them to the range to sight-in their rifle for Bambi season, so I obliged. Before we went, I got out a bore sighter that has been collecting dust on the shelf to see how close we were starting with. It is an annoying piece of poo to to use, but it did get us on the target at 100 yds. The rifle is a Ruger American Compact in .308, not a bad choice for them as they are small in stature. Right out of the box, the magazine would not stay in. Closer inspection showed that the mag catch was broken. It is all plastic and the catch is so small one could easily break it by a fast mag change. Iíve seen much better quality in airsoft. We used it as a single shot so we could get it on the paper. I guess I am accustomed to the more forgiving military mags that can be dropped, kicked, stepped-on, etc. I told them to buy a couple of spares until someone like Playskool makes a better one.

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    Good aftermarket opportunity right there for someone in the MIM field. Wish I was been been seeing a lot of opportunities like that lately... wonder if 3D printing does metal????

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