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    tractor recommendation needed

    nearby park where i work frequently needs another tractor...
    storm michael left a mess.

    they currently have very good and useful 2wd tractor..

    need 4wd with a loader and a grapple.
    tree trunks, limbs, galore.

    it's clear a lot of you are homesteading/farming, etc...

    45 to 60 hp
    grapple with 3rd function...

    what brands? models? on tractor/loader combo and on grapple... need a root rake version.

    root balls are 3' to 8' will the loader be able to shake this stump/rootball loose? no funds for a backhoe.


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    i'm surprised that there are no replies...
    you guys do have a tractor, or is everyone else on here, like me... live in a high rise condo?

    bottom line..
    a kubota was purchased that includes above items...

    park owner found a great deal at perrin tractor in tifton ga..
    folks from alabama and florida were there making purchases...
    so, making a recommendation if you are into kubotas.

    now, i've got to learn how to operate this thing. no clutch where clutch is supposed to be...
    brakes on the wrong side of tractor. no 4 on the floor... no 3 on the tree... no o.d. 5th.
    hmm... i wonder... how many folks on here ever drove a 3 on the tree. man's about old enough..
    but i've never operated anything with a 3rd function before!

    park's 2wd kubota is for sale... great shape. 50+ hp ??

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    i know a bunch of you guys have got tractors...
    (and a few have things with tracks)
    i just spent 5 hours on tractor with a grapple....
    awesome time saver...
    michael caused great damage at local park.
    huge oaks, pines and other treees i don't know the names of are on the ground, leaning, broken.

    previously, you drove up, got off, drug chain to tree trunk, hooked chain around trunk (or a few limbs) got back on tractor, tried to lift trunk with chain attached to box blade, so that you wouldn't trench up the ground, drive to burn pile, get off, undo chain, load chain back on box blade, turn tractor around and use loader to push tree trunk onto burn pile (or wherever it is you want trunk) then repeat process.

    versus, driving up to trunk. quick maneuver to get close to square, push buttons/lever for grapple to grab and lift trunk. carry trunk to burn pile. place trunk on top with grapple... note: you don't get off the tractor! that is a yahoo! repeat the process...

    if you are clearing your woodlot, cleaning debris, preparing to cut firewood, whatever,, a grapple makes the job a huge timesaver. and backsaver!

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