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Thread: Corrosive ammo

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    Corrosive ammo

    Corrosive ammo, yuck.


    Don't normally shoot corrosive if I can avoid it. Look at how disgusting this looks!

    Believe it or not this is LESS than 800 rounds of corrosive to create this much nasty'ness.

    Using regular Wolf the rifle doesn't usually look like this till at least 3,000 rounds or so through it. Less than 800 rounds is usually an afternoon run to the range for us, and we never have this sort of mess in the rifles afterwards.

    We cleaned them before this last class (Direct Action at MVT), it was a short 2 day class and not all that we shot was corrosive, so easily less than 800 rounds of corrosive to make this mess.
    Both rifles (son and mine) looked this bad. Harder to clean.

    Why do I have this? Cause someone left a case of this crap at my place 100 years ago. I couldn't get in contact with them after not seeing them for a millenia but finally was able to contact their BFF. Their BFF contacted the person and they said "give it to Rob for all the free training he gave us." Thanks, that was nice and unexpected. This is how I came unto this ammo. I never buy corrosive unless nothing else is available.

    You shouldn't either.

    Don't be an idjit, this is brass cased ammo and LOOKS all pretty and shiny on the outside, don't be fooled. This is the garbage it leaves behind. At a class we hosted at our private range a year ago, someone brought this kind of ammo for their AK because they read the instructor's class info wrong. Then I loaned them a rifle, a few hundred rounds left a mess in that one also. Doesn't take much to create a mess.

    I expect we will be cleaning them again really soon.

    Another reason to stock up on ammo while it's plentiful and cheaper- so you don't find your only option is crap like this. That's planning ahead.

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    Yep, got some back in the 90’s. They called it “mildly corrosive.” Mild like battery acid. After standard cleaning, I made sure to run pipe cleaners through the gas ports with cleaner and followed with a liberal amount of oil. Never had problems.

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    And water.
    The ammonia breaks down the salts left over from the primers.
    You could use urine in a pinch.
    I used to use Windex a lot but a good scrub with break free seemed to work well to.
    Spray Windex..brush,spray again ,wipe, oil. Etc.
    I've got several K of corrosive for other rifles.... I'm not afraid to use it.
    Just use Windex or ammonia/water and it'll neutralize the salts.
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    I have used Windex and it seems to work well, but you just need to make sure its cleaned good. I have seen some Windex that DOESN'T have ammonia, so be sure you get the one that does. It has been a couple years since I have looked for it, but buyer be aware....
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