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    Wow... just when you thought the welfare system couldn't get worse..

    So I had to run in Walmart yesterday. Mid afternoon isn't usually to bad. You have to dodge old people sitting there with their carts half blocking the aisle, not even sure where they are at, etc. but usually if your proactive and move quick dodging old folks, you can get out of there quick mid afternoon.

    Only a couple of registers open, but the one I pick most all of the lady's stuff has already been rung up. She's an older white lady, about 'tree fiddy' half concealing one of the little electric scooters under her girth. She has some 30'ish looking woman with her (guessing daughter) that's about 'four fiddy' and has some crazy colored hair.

    Grandma Scooter is dragging everything out and seems to have a keen interest in what every single item prices out at. OK, she's cheap, I get that. But wait, there's more!!

    Finally gets to the total, and of course like every rude a-hole in Walmart that thinks nothing but about themselves, she waits till the final end to even open her wallet to get payment started. Sure enough, there comes that card with the two peaches on it!! (Georgia welfare card/food stamps). Still in no hurry, drags everything out another minute at least, muttering some crap about phone receipts. My stuff is of course on the belt already and starting to be rung up. As grandma scooter eases two inches forward while still hogging the way, I slide my debit card in the machine (cause you don't have to be an a-hole time waster and wait till the very last second to start payment).

    Granny Scooter finally pulls a way a yard or so and my stuff is going through. Granny the Hutt's hover sleds eases back and without waiting or asking just interrupts me and the cashier having pleasantries- "Where my phone receipt?" is the best I could interpret her ignorant dialect. She repeats it several times, the cashier like me, at first has no idea WTF Granny the Hutt is blathering on about. "So I'se can scan it" she mutters. The cashier evidently understands this ignorant white trash jibberish to a degree and tells her "you'll have to go to the girl by the self checkouts" and points to literally 10 yards away and the huge signs that say "self checkout." Well of course Granny the Hutt needs more instructions than that, so another minute is wasted and finally the hover sled heads off.

    I asked the cashier "what the hell was she talking about?"

    She replies- "oh it's that thing where if you find a price that's not right they will give you cash for the difference."

    Me- "Wait, what? But I saw her pay with one of those food stamp cards?"

    She replies- "Yeah, doesn't matter, they will give her cash if one of the prices was wrong."

    Me- "OMG are you serious? So it's not good enough that she is getting free stuff, she can get actual CASH back on something she didn't pay for if something rang up wrong?"

    She replies- "yes."

    WTFF people? Seriously?

    And for the love of God, can we PLEASE get stores to mandate a specific line for the "de owes me" shoppers who don't have to pay for their food? Seriously. One cashier, one line for all EBT, SNAP, WIC, whatever democrat freebee, make them wait however the hell long it takes- it's not like most of them are going to be LATE FOR WORK!!. Meanwhile Granny the Hutt (and thousands like her) there probably eats up 20-30 minutes of productive people's time every damn day- the very people who are paying her way in life. Ironically making the productive people less productive while they are paying her way in life.... Back of the bus freeloaders!!

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    OMG I almost spit out my coffee reading that LD3....Granny the Hutt, LMAO

    Sad that this is what is going on. I am sure that the freeloaders have figured out every scam they can to get cash back. I wonder what would happen is she bought something and decides she cannot use/eat it and returns it...does she get cash back?
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    Another scam from the “entitled” crowd. Go to the local food bank, get free food, take it to the grocery store that donated it (or was purchased by me) and get a refund. Money for beer, cigs, or meth. Some stores, not all yet, will mark out the UPC code with a Sharpie to avoid this. When in business, one has to think like a thief at times.

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    I giggled.
    If i ever win the lotto im paying ld3 4 million to do my old job, while i film for a reality show...

    It'd win Grammys lmao.

    If people can cheat, they will...
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