My son and I started taking TKD this October, lets just say it isn't easy trying to stretch like that when you are over 40. We are having fun and learning a lot so much that my daughter quit swimming to join us. I am trying to persuade my wife to join us so that I can fulfill a life long dream of mine by having a family of ninjas...diabolical laughter

No I don't think TKD is the end all be all but getting some physical exercise and striking practice is a good thing. I do think it will lead to other disciplines. I helped the instructor with a "Women's Self Defense" class that he led which was a lot of fun, I played the role of human punching bag. I have learned that I need to control my breathing more when we are sparring....about a minute into it and I am gasping for air.

Anyone else been thinking about getting some training?

Do IT!!!