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    where's that grappling hook

    a few years back i was at a campout and we had a couple of hours set aside for folks to sell/trade there wares.
    backpacks, sleeping bags, line, ammo. "grappling hooks!" some old and worn out. some brand new. pre 64 and silver coins were bought and sold...
    i bought a long stretch of line and a grappling hook...

    now up to current day... there are multiple limbs/tree tops in the water.. yep. i could have waded in. coulda done this or that. but it came to my young brain that a grappling hook would work great... toss it out there and haul 'em in by hand or drag 'em in using the tractor... next question... where'd i put that thing? and a better title for this post... "getcha stuf organized" (or spell stuff some other way!).

    when the big storm came having clean water was important... where is that big stainless water filter with the funky looking ceramic? filters? in fact, there may be two different brands of that item somewhere around here. the barn? storeroom? attic? basement?
    that little storage shed?

    so... if you are still reading this tale, and got nothing to do, here's the suggestion.. getcha stuf organized where you and the family know where stuf is... and if you are all organized... go help your neighbor get his stuf organized...

    i think i bought a bunch of shi... oops stuf at that campout. the biggest thing was a fancy super ranger special backpack from the guy with the fancy hat and it was in a great big cardboard box.... i'll bet that grappling hood is in that box... and that box is, hmm. i wonder if folks get paid for going on that "hoarders" tv show! yahoo! more coins for more stuff!

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    Funny you posted this rr, I am in the process of "organizing/reorganizing" all my gear, not just the prepping stuff. It is amazing how things get misplaced over the years.....
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    I'm in the process of reorganizing my whole house, one drawer/cupboard/closet/room at a time. I know where all my seldom used gear is, but where are those new USB adapters? Where did my Phillips head screwdriver disappear to? I swear I'm gonna buy a pink tool bag with pink-handled tools so 'someone' will stop running off with them!

    Whoever invented all these white plastic bins should be tried for organization-murder; I have a zillion of them and they contain a mish-mash of everything!

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    You should ask for a label maker

    My aunt said for years that they should make tools in colors to get women to buy more of them...a few years later they did...she hasn't seen a single royalty check yet....bahaha.

    Harbor Freight has a sale today through sunday. You can get those magnetic parts trays for $3. I picked up a tiered parts tray recently that I need to put together.
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    The grappling hook is probably in the box with the throwing stars, net and pants with built in toes and face mask, labeled "Ninja supplies."

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    I need 500 of those racks for my (husband's) garage - it looks like a tornado went through there. Think of the $$ we could save by not having to buy things we already have (buried) out there I wanted to get one of those overhead hanging racks/shelves but the garage layout doesn't leave room to put much of one. There's probably a grappling hook out there too; heck, we've got everything else!

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    lol... ld3... that was the box! were you there too!
    it did say ninja in big black letters... sold blind...

    i got home and it was a pair of kiddie pajamas.

    that was right before the ratchet straps! that sold for more than retail..

    there was some ole guy there. i think he brought his sweetie. he bought a bunch of cheap stuff, then he ran out of money...
    i couldn't believe it... he had the gumption to go ask the camp host to cover his check so he could keep buying... i don't think the host had ever seen him before.. not sure... anyhow ole geezer got this look from the host ...
    sort of on the order of..
    " have you lost your ever luvvin' mind?"
    a good memory!

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    i reread the thread....
    you mentioned a net..
    brought back another memory...

    someone... maybe that ole geezer did bring a net to a campout... a huge cargo net...
    no one wanted to bid on the net... it would have filled the box by itself...

    i remember thinking...
    the beverly hillbillies needed a net like that to carry their stuff to beverly hills
    one of those folks loading out for the hidey hole in idehoe in that rawlins book.

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