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    hey, you won't believe what happened at the campout...

    a couple of threads on here have brought back some old memories...
    discussions on security, hiding precious stuff, grappling hooks, ninjas....
    here's the invite: tell us the story from the campout or gathering or meet and greet that you went to...
    this could be a survivalist type campout, a men's retreat, hunting camp, scouts or hiking the appalachian trail...
    ----- it could be a funny, a dangerous situation, a stupid move, "the lights went out" or great lesson you learned. whatever...
    i suggest we leave out anyones name or handle and not be specific as to location/situation...

    some fellas were hunting. and everyone was meeting up at the camp. one new guy from another state, suddenly says "hey i've got this new rifle that's a 270 wsm and its got the best scope and will reach out and touch a deer at a zillion yards"... and just kept bragging...not just about his rifle but camping, hunting, preparedness, money. as folks were beginning to shut down for the night, new guy, stumbles back to the campfire and goes "hey, shoot, i brought ammo for my '06. i didn't pick any up for the wsm! what am i gonna do... we hit the woods in the morning and it's a long way to a shop... !!

    then he turns to a regular... an ole geezer and says hey, didn't you say you just bought a box of random ammo.
    any chance you've got some 270 wsm? and you live close... hey it's only 20 miles to your house. i bet you've got some. will you go get it... all excited... as other campers begin to roll their eyes.
    geezer knew new guys father real well. father and new guy had not been getting along well... so geezer went and got the box of ammo.

    an hour later he returned and called out... "new guy, you are in luck. one box of ammo."
    new guy was reclined by the fire, and stuck his hand out for geezer to put the box of ammo in his hand.
    he didn't bother standing up and saving the geezer a few steps.
    he didn't say thank you.
    he didn't offer a 20, 2 20s or anything for the ammo.
    geezer started regretting his effort, but walked over and placed it in new guy's hand, as he looked over at new guys father, who was only a little embarrassed.

    geezer learned a lot about new guy and new guys father that night.

    ---------- o.k. guys.
    your turn... serious, or funny, or stupid... tell your tale.

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    another effort to prime the pump....
    kid about 13 went camping for a week to a church camp.. mostly using cabins with 1 or 2 nights on a coastal swampy island... dad says "take this military bag. its waterproof. it rains a bunch on the coast... kid did... other kids had fancy dancy sleeping bags with name brands on them. made fun of kid with military bag. rain poured... kid was dry... camp counselors got everyone up as some kids were soaked (those with the fanciest name brand sleeping bags)
    now all the campers were standing around while all got all their gear together for the long trek back to the cabins.. kid got soaked too by this time...
    a bunch of decades later.. kid has grown and has his own son... kid/now a dad going camping again. tells his son about upcoming camping trip.. (who is military, and dad asks about the sleeping bag he found in the sons gear stored in barn... "son, what's with the sleeping bag that says XCW (or some such designation on it) son goes, you can use it dad, but you won't need it in your state... won't go below freezing there.
    that is for when we (military) need to have extreme cold weather gear.
    dad decides to take it anyhow... sho 'nuf, it got cold... campers fussing over whether it got to 15 or 17... dad had stayed warm and was last to wake up the next morning.
    well, best to tell the whole story.. dad had the need to "take a walk" a few times during the night for two reasons... age and too much coffee and cocoa mix around the campfire... so he froze his big toes off "taking a walk" during the night...
    the next day he was given counsel on the benefits of a gatorade bottle with large opening... from a few other campers. lesson 1... listen too your dad and your son.
    and it helps if they are military or ex-mil. lesson 2. take a jug with you with a large opening to avoid the need to take a leak when it's freezing weather!

    i know we have some hard core campers on here.... and you've got have some good tales you could share. doncha?
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    Well there was the time the lights went out......... ��

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    tell us the story...
    lol.... maybe you read that in a book!
    or maybe...

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