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    Gubmint shutdown


    They are ramping up the "Doomsday" talk regarding this.

    What do you think? Should Trump give in?

    We are close to this shutdown going longer than any other evidently.

    Dems are holding out, used to weak willed pansy RINOs.

    What do you think? Going to be issues?

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    My thoughts...Trump campaigned on border wall being built. It is a do or die moment for his re-election. If he caves, he will lose a lot of his base. If he holds out, he will lose some of his base (for other reasons) and maybe will gain a few D's. The people that didn't or won't vote for him will be unchanged. The immigrants that came legally may likely vote for Trump if he builds the wall.
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    With psd. Here... he's kinda pissed off a segment of gun owners, his wall has been his big talking point. Its put up or shut up time on his end.
    Imho. Let the ghettos burn.... then put them to work building the wall.
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    I like the above concept.

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    and as they discuss and fuss... issue orders that no medical provider will be reimbursed by the government for medical treatment to illegals...

    if some individual or group of folks want to pay for an illegals treatment at the hospital, then great, but get the gov't out of the business of taking care of folks...

    then the next day, announce that at the end of january there will be no payments for any housing for illegals...
    and as of week 2 of feb. there will be no food stamps or food allotments by the government for any illegal.

    and as of week 3 of feb... any and everything i left out above will be stopped being paid by the gov't (such as school expenses for younguns) .... the inflow will slow... the outgo will increase...

    budget deficit will get better!

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    I like it!! I hope the NRA is going to pound his rear for the bump stock ban though. He needs to know it is a bad move (OR) did he do it on purpose to get it to the court system to be overruled, gotta wonder. Maybe he should give all employees a polygraph and fire a hole bunch of them for good. I was one once and , the first thing I would do is take away all the auto phone answering systems. Second would be to make all in .gov use this obamacare crap.

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