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    American publix edumacation should follow this


    Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro has vowed to put an end to educational programs in schools that teach “a boy that he’s not a boy and a girl that she’s not a girl.”

    During a video address to supporters, Bolsonaro solidified his campaign promise to forbid teachers from exploring “gender ideology” that goes against the moral and religious convictions of students’ parents while

    Bolsonaro delivered the message while wearing a Japan soccer shirt, asserting, “In Japan, kids of 6/7 years can solve math problems our college students can’t, because here in Brazil, it’s more important to teach a boy that he’s not a boy and a girl that she’s not a girl (like they did in the National High School Exam) than to teach them something that will allow them to free themselves from social welfare, poverty, and misery.”

    The Brazilian President also claimed that left-wing forces in the country were trying to turn pedophilia into an alternative sexual lifestyle, pointing to information on The Workers’ Party’s official website which re-defines pedophilia as a mental disorder and not a crime.

    “This is what they [The Workers’ Party] want for kids since the age of six. What are they doing all throughout Brazil?” asked Bolsonaro. “Approximately 100,000 public schools are being used for political propaganda for The Workers’ Party.”

    Bolsonaro’s vow to ‘defend the dignity’ of Brazil’s children follows a previous promise that he would help to eliminate “the Marxist trash that has settled in educational institutions,” asserting, “We will evolve into forming citizens and no more political militants.”

    He also insisted that the country should “should resist politically correct globalism, which has adopted the crazy notion of gender education.”

    To oversee the mission, Bolsonaro appointed Mr. Ricardo Velez-Rodriguez as Brazil’s Minister of Education, a man tasked with re-establishing the country’s education system to supplant the previous model which “dismantles traditional values of our society […] of family, religion, and patriotism.”

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    sounds like american society to me! with extreme sadness..
    a "what if" to consider...
    add this subject to the list of things that americans must be politically correct about.
    then a year or two later, put it on the list of topics that "wrong speech" becomes
    "hate speech" and punishable by the law and jail and fines and property forfeiture.

    not a far fetched "what if" under half of this countries polititcians...

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    Yep, There ya go, hitting the nail on the head again

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