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    high priced area but lots of homeless

    took a trip westward..
    some comments.

    lots of high dollar folks
    80-90k $ houses selling for 1.5 m.... crazy...

    lots of bmw's ferrari, mercedes...

    lots of homeless...(or living on the street folks)
    we are walking down a main road on sidewalk and see a guy squatting between sidewalk and street.
    hard to believe...

    many of the homeless were eating breakfast sandwiches that were all wrapped in the same alum. foil...
    ?? someone had to have come around delivering sandwiches??

    gasoline was 3.20 to 3.70 and higher.
    gasoline in georgia around 2.00/gallon.

    lots of asians, lots of spanish speakers. more dark colored folks than white folks by far...

    made me think this is a make believe world... there can't be that many jobs where people can buy 1.5m houses!

    if there were to be any kind of "upset" or shtf.... the foo foo would go poo poo...

    there's a separate post on quail eggs by alpha... having some quail producing eggs would be mighty valuable.

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    The problem that the yellow-vests began protesting in France is/was that real estate prices and rent forced working folks to move out of the cities. Fuel prices were going to spike for “carbon taxes,” and working folks couldn’t afford to commute to their jobs. It makes me wonder if the same thing (tax increases on fuel) might happen here. I don’t think the pushback would happen here other than truckers blocking traffic, or something similar.

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