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    Safety and gen set Funny?

    OK this should at least get a laugh, but be carful also. I have been starting generators since I was 12 years old. I finally got a remote start cause I'm get'n old. Well at -15 below it would not start. So I pranced out to the shed with a flannel shirt BVDs and house slippers on. Choke was stuck , so I leaned over the gen gave it a shot of ether and pushed the choke closed , it started with a huge backfire . NOW the safety part , know were you are to the muffler outlet, This backfire hit me on the inside of my upper thigh, ,went up my BVDs around my a$$ and out the back top of said BVDs. I was black from soot all thru my pubs and sack and up the crack and half way up my back in a fan pattern on my back. When I went back in the house my wife asked, what in samhill did you do and she started laughing. I only got a small burn , but 4 inchs over and I would have been hurting . So keep in mind , even if it is only a 1 minute task wear pants and watch all the tender spots. Safety first.

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    good reminder.

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    A great submission for America’s Funniest Videos.

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