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    Micro Roni w/ Stabilizer

    So I have been looking at these for a long time. Never perfect and a little over priced. Lots of Youtube videos watched. Well they just launched their latest version and the price dropped $100. I took the plunge and picked it up. I dropped a G19 in and went to the range. I was so excited I didnt even put a sight on the rail. At 20ish yards, I put in my 31 round magazine and did a complete mag dump as fast as I could pull the trigger. I ended up with a 3 inch group. With no sights. So I shot a few more magazines before I took my lazy self back inside. Installed a Sig Sauer Romeo 5 on top. After adjusting the zero on the red dot, I was shooting 1 inch groups at 20 yards. I am a better than decent pistoleer, but I cannot shoot a 1 inch group standing, no rest...EVER. maybe if I only shot ONE shot could I have a 1 inch group. (some will get that...some will not). My plans for this to remove the AR pistol in my Daughters BOB she takes to college. The BOB is a 3 day pack, so I had to break down the AR, but with little Roni I can keep it all in one piece shoved down in the BOB. 27 round magazines are smaller (6 inches -ish) and with a little jacket and a 1 pt sling you can secure it out of sight until the need arises. My daughter is coming home from college this weekend (her mom thinks it is because she misses us) but really it is to shoot the new setup g19 kit. I shot the Roni at 75 yards off hand and made more hits on an IDPA target than misses and that was with a 9mm g19. Recently I purchased the Canik SFX Elite with the venom red dot on top of it. At 10 yards I was shooting 2-3 inch groups at stationary targets, but the Roni is awesome. I watched a guy on you tube put this up against an HK MP5. Hands down the mp5 was the winner in every category, but he also said...it wasnt $2000 better than the Roni with G17 he was shooting with. Google it. Great showing for the Roni, and that was the previous version. The latest version is a lot better. If you have a glock sporting a little dust because it is a safe queen, give her a new crown and bring it to the range. Well worth the $249 bucks. Fun to shoot for sure.

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    I looked on YouTube for the Roni. That looks like a great tool for a “get me home” bag.

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    So here is a pic of the current configuration. That is a glock 19 in it. I like it. Shoots really well. So well...I might have to get another one, because... one is none and two is one.

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    Crazy accurate...

    So, I went and shot about 200 rounds out of it to get the Irons sighted in. The red dot was already good to go. Once I got the Irons dead on...I found myself just using the Red Dot. I dropped a 31 round mag dump at 50 yards. All headshots on an IDPA target and all hits from a sitting position. I cant shoot a G19 that well...EVER! I have a sub2000 Glock version and I dont shoot that carbine as well as the Roni with Glock.

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