Join us April 13th at the Southeastern Training Group range for Midnight Rendezvous 2019, Alma, GA area.

2019 Midnight Rendezvous Night training workshop

Join us for a night of working with and without your Night Vision device in a rural setting. This workshop is primarily about movement at night in a rural setting without the crutches of lots of additional IR illumination and without the stray light sources often seen in urban and suburban environments. You will work with and without your NV throughout the night. While this workshop is not focusing on a lot of shooting at night, if you need to zero an IR laser we can help with that at the workshop. We start at 3pm to make sure everyone has some fundamentals down and then finish up usually after 1am. Held during winter months only to maximize hours of darkness. Register before March 1st for just $100. and that includes range fee. After March 1st $125.00

Many of our customers have told us they lack places to shoot at night as well as places to train with their Night vision. This is the first year we have done this as an open to the public event. When we have done these in the past they have all been private invite only type events.

In this workshop we will focus primarily on movement at night in rural areas with no light sources used. No white light will be used during the event except for safety checks. While the main emphasis will be on movement, we will allocate some time for people to zero IR lasers if need be and spend some time shooting with and without night vision under total darkness. We will zero IR lasers and shoot once it gets dark, then once done with that, ALL weapons will be unloaded and will remain unloaded for the remainder of the night for safety reasons as we move into the movement and observation portion of the workshop.


We will develop and work on movement and observation skills via individual and partner "jungle lanes" as well as team vs. team observation exercises.


We will meet up at 3pm to get started and the workshop will finish up after 1am.

If you do not have a night vision device, you can still attend this workshop. Indeed we will be working a lot at night without NV also. Also loaner equipment will be available. This is a great way to get some time in with your night vision. You do not have to be a super tacticool operator to attend this class, just in reasonably decent shape for moving around in the woods at night.

Register here

Full gear/ammo info and directions will be emailed to those registering. Space is limited to 12 people.

Any questions, feel free to call, email or PM

2/19 update- Class is limited to 12 and only 3 spots left for this year's Rendezvous!