i know most of you are woodsmen and real comfortable with a chainsaw and keeping it sharp.

i'm not.
i can run one, but am poor with a file. real pitiful... so i get a couple of loops dull and haul them to my local fix it all and he puts them on his grinder. sometimes it's 5$/per and sometimes 7$.

stihl has come out with a file that also lowers the "spacer" that's not the correct word. it sets the depth of the cut...
called a "2 in 1" and costs about 40.
i bought one for a small saw and a medium sized.. after first use...
the small saw, got better, the medium saw turned into a wood cutting beast!!

if the shtf, my dull loops would put me in a bind, in a hurry.
till now!

this thing has 2 round files built in and a flat file, that supposedly handles both the cutting surface and the "spacer" at the same time...
if you see yourself cutting much wood, and you are awesome with your single round file, you don't need this!
if you ain't, then consider spending the 40. you'll need one for each size chain you have.