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    Well lookee lookee...

    Two news headlines-


    The latest school shooters- 1 was a gender confused person, the other openly stated they hated Christians.

    Won't hear that in MSM will you?

    And right under that one


    Wonder will they have "drag queen story hour" for pre schoolers like a lot of public libraries have now? Or just teach their is 57 genders? Maybe they will have the 11 year old "trans kid" that CONVERSE shoe company is using to pimp out their new shoes as a spokesperson?

    Guys, this is all messed up, six ways to Sunday, and people are getting used to this crap.....

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    i wonder... which jail he (it?) will end up in?
    wants to be male... so .... should have lots of friends?
    better yet... sounds like a case for the rope and oak tree.

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    You made me laugh with the 57 genders....I was watching a YT video just yesterday and "they" say that there is NO LIMIT on the number of genders....It use to be that gender and sex meant the same thing. No "they" claim sex is the biological definition based on chromosomes, and gender is what "they" feel like being. My thoughts on this is that they cannot change their chromosomes, but if they say it enough, they can change the meaning of gender. And of course, we have hollywood and the MSM to thank for advancing this crap.

    I had someone today say "well its been done for centuries, just look at the Romans" My reply was just because it was done in the past doesn't mean that it was right, and let's just look at the Romans...uh, didn't that society collapse?

    I had a patient yesterday that is "transitioning" from female to male....and she is 15 years old!!!! I thought to myself that she doesn't even know enough about life to make that decision.

    It is sad, very sad. I fear for my kids and future grandchildren.
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    Wait a minute! I thought there were 106 genders? I just can't up with this pace anymore!

    Lol, just kidding.

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    a girl becoming a boy?
    sew it up?
    sew on something??

    that's one way to show the Creator what you think!
    this ain't gonna end up good.

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