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    Failure point- Chainsaws

    Had a gas cap break on my Stihl 290 yesterday. I keep mental track of what spares we have, but I didn't remember having extras of the gas cap.

    How do you run without it? Answer- you don't unless you can purpose build a new one.

    Factory new ones are a whooping $5. each. I have four extras now.

    In 10+ years of using that saw pretty regularly I had not had a problem with the gas cap. Hopefully those 4 will last me for the 'pockeylips.

    Thought came to mind- is the oil fill the same cap? I'll find out in a bit, assuming yes.

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    When I consider all of the regularly used power tools we own, the concept of keeping a stock of spare parts for them has me envisioning the need for a warehouse! We do keep a lot of spares for different equipment and systems. Thankfully, we had spare heads, pipe and 90s after a neighbor backed out of his driveway onto one of our sprinkler heads, breaking the sprinkler and the connecting pipes. Not the most fun digging up the yard in 90+ temps, but at least there wasn't a run to the big box involved.

    Chainsaws are critical, especially during hurricane season. We have a couple of backups, but the Husqvarna is our workhorse for cutting down trees and slicing some logs for firewood. I'll remind my better half to give it a good inspection and make sure we have some repair parts in the bin.

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    agree with wwdnet....warehouse...

    Just had a spark plug cable for my little 800w generator (Harbor Freight...yeah, yeah, its a HF that is 10+ years old and still running fine) get a crack in it where it connects to the plug. I start it about every 2 months and put it under load and this time it wouldn't start, I guess the heat in the shed finely got to it. Checked and found the bad wire. While repairing that, I replaced the fuel line as it was showing its age as well. Bought extra cable and fuel line at the same time to store with the extra plugs. Up and running in about 30 minutes worth of work. My bigger 8000w genny isn't as old, but will be ordering a spare cable and checking fuel line in it as well.
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