I purchased this one a few weeks ago-


Discussed it a bit in the M1A scope recommendation thread.

Solid scope so far. Put another 50 rounds through it the other day. AR10 remains a big steaming pile of dog doo, but the Primary Arms scope remains da bomb!

A week back I bought this one to try on one of the Arsenals


Since my wife's AK is doing great with the 3x30 I decided to put this scope on a milled Arsenal I have that isn't really doing anything.


Zero at 100 yards went well and really quick, just like the AR10 did. 9 rounds brought everything in real quick.


Called a pull on the third in that group, but still pretty decent group.

Was pretty stoked by this point and climbed up the perch and went to banging steels at 200, 300 and then 400. It rang 9 for 10 on the 400 (actually 419 yards per my LRF). It's the far white target in the pic, with a small orange target next to it. It hit the orange too.

The eye relief is a bit of an issue with the mount- not a lot of space on the mount and I moved it as far as I could. Eye relief looked good in the house but was less than optimal when I got in the field.


So far so good.

We shoot enough that if a problem is going to come up, I assume it will happen soon.

This is my new DM rifle.