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Thread: "Social" media

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    "Social" media


    "Robert why aren't you on facelessbook? Oh everyone is on there, keep in touch with people, brag about yourself to people that don't give a crap, show your trophies be prideful..."

    Oops sorry, stated some people's hidden reasons for being on that crap.

    Nope sorry, not interested.

    "But it will help your business, start one for your business than someone can message you on FB at 2 in the morning instead of emailing like a normal human being."

    Nope sorry, not interested.

    The Southpark episode about facebook truly seemed to hit the nail on the head. All the kids get sucked into it except Stan who even states "I don't want to get sucked in."

    Back in the day, if someone wanted to gather info about you, they had to actually work- who does he associate with, times and places, where does he work, family life, morals, etc. etc. Now people post that stuff on FB and the "christmas tree" that used to do on a pegboard with printed pics is now right on one page for all to see.

    How many "militias" have FB pages? Oh you "friended" them one time 100 years ago? Your a terrorist. What about American Family Radio? Chick-Filla, your favorite conservative station, Christian author? Your a bad, bad person, you probably beat homos with a stick regularly and are probably not taking "pride month" seriously. God forbid you also believe a child shouldn't be murdered in the womb or even fresh out of the womb. You have guns? Oh yeah caused you posted pics of you shooting with your "militia" group and don't forget all those "molon labe" memes you posted. Yeah, it's there forever...

    It's interesting to see educators I know who have beat the drum for Facebook for a decade start backing off, de-friending long time friends that post stupid crap, etc. They aren't stupid, they are starting to understand who you associate with (or seem to) is important TO THEIR JOB.

    If you've already taken the plunge and are "sucked in" it's probably time to start altering your trail. Don't just stop, that looks worse. Start slowly laying a false trail then maybe after six months cease using the platform. Perhaps your into boats and boating now instead of those "nasty guns." A dozen or so pics from a marina, boat dealer and some convincing stories to back each pic up. Evidently there is places on there to sell things also, perhaps you list some of those evil guns you have there, you know to fund your new boat, then a week later post "Sold!" This is easy to do in your local newspaper as well- keep a copy for future reference if you catch my drift.... There is lines there to read between for the slower to catch on types....

    Guys I have a more than sneaking feeling that laying a false trail like this if your already "sucked in" is going to be very important in the future.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    nope, i had a FB made for me, and i used it during the last campaign, but not doing anything on it since then and never will. Unfortunately our business is a kid oriented business and it uses FB for promotion, due to the fact that so many moms of little children are on FB, but nothing personal is on that page. It is sucking in people of all ages. I see patients that are 70+ years old that are all over FB and IG....nope, if my kids/siblings/friends want me to see pics or talk to me they know my number and can text.
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    I have a FB page. It's where my daughter posts pix of my grandkids/great-grandkids.
    I post on a few FB keto forums, mostly recipes and congratulating people on their health gains and weight loss.
    I have a Twitter account where I post very little, since I use it to follow some politics of interest.

    I'm busy and my business is my own, thanks.

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    FB serves it's purposes. Folks can use it or not. As long as you realize you are playing in someone else's sandbox, it's ok

    Frankly, if .gov does not have a dossier on each of us, they have not done their due diligence. On the other hand, I just can't picture myself being of importance enough for them to bother with.

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    Never got on it.
    I give my other half grief about it.
    I give everyone else grief for being on it.

    Ive seen family drama unfold because of that platform.
    Suzy post " no one loves me " meme
    Her husband will post " um yes i do, everyday wtf "
    5 other family members chime in.

    Meanwhile as I'm being " informed " of said drama.
    I normally just say " they all have phones....why not just call and talk it out vs posting stuff that can be interpreted 100 ways making it worse"
    I get blank looks.

    And i dont see the need to give more info about myself that tge stupid phones,internet already gather on me to TPTB.
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