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    Wink fuel costs seem down...

    found a station that sells gas has that doesn't have ethanol..

    and prices are down... surprising since it's vacation season...
    maybe they'll go down some more? maybe not?

    i've got that plastic tank and somewhere i put that metal container i bought from that old farmer...
    i think it's time to "stock up!" hey that would be 10 gallons for use in an emergency!

    hmm. maybe it would be better to get 5 extra gallons of gasoline and 5 extra of diesel... yeah...
    you know, just for an emergency!!

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    Agreed Rock. Last week at our local Wally World, regular was 2.21. I rotated storage to the truck and refilled the cans. It crept up to 2.27 this week, but still a welcome break.

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    Short lived victory. $2.45 today.

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    and hopefully i hinted in my post that we should also be increasing our supply...

    if there's a real problem... (i just started re-reading "one second after")
    what would be more valuable and desired. a nice savings acct. or a good supply of BBB and fuel!

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