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    when/if the shtf, how long will it last?

    regardless of cause, storm (dorian), foreign army (red dawn), terrorist attack (muslim attack), economic (Patriots)

    1. how long do you think it will be before things return to normal?

    the follow up question then becomes -- 2. how long do you prepare for?

    one way to answer question one is look at your current preps....

    example... if you have 10 gallons of fuel in red plastic cans and 2weeks of food in the cabinets, and 10 gallons of water for your family of 5... then you have planned for
    2 weeks based on food
    1 month based on gasoline if you live close in to town and don't have a need to evacuate
    3 days ? maybe 4 based on water

    so all sorts of questions come up..
    what are plans when water runs out.. ?
    you live in so. florida and dorian or a n. korean nuke wipes florida.. and you've got half a tank of gas and 10 gallons... will you be able to evacuate to georgia where your best internet friend lives? and let's pretend i'm your best internet friend and you thought i had supplies. and you arrive on fumes in your prius only to find out i do live in a high rise condo and can't feed my own family.

    it's a little late to consider all this for dorian, but, something to consider and work on (if needed!) and our family needs to!

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    Chris, it depends...................

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    IMHO, YMMV, I'd say plan on 3 to 6 years.

    Plan for the worst and if it's not the worst then you'll be very happy.

    If it is the worst, at least you won't be totally NOT happy.

    I'm happy every day that I didn't need that spare tire in the back

    or after every bad storm that I didn't need the generator or the tarp for the roof.
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    i think you had a BF.

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    sent a pm and no response...
    sent an email and no response...

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    Sent two PM and email. No response.

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