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    well(s) and water supplies

    i searched for "water" and found a few interesting threads.. it was interesting... guys were posting that they had a barrel of water or several cases of bottled water etc.. most of these threads were pretty old... this site has now been around for a while...
    so...i started i new thread.

    what are your source(s) of water?
    since i live in a high rise condo, i pay attention to who has a supply!! that i might go visit, hoping they will share!! a lot of folks have that plan i understand. we have several gallons at the condo, that should last us a while if we don't use it to flush the poop!

    here's a friends situation.
    he lives on a creek... but creek only has water for half the year. and creek drains from some farm land... likely has some chemicals that wouldn't be good for you long term.

    i have noticed stored water. a case of bottled water or two in about 3 outbuildings and at house.. he has a very large tank. i asked about it, and he pointed to a crack. thick plastic. but he hasn't patched it yet.

    and a pond. small.. water comes from rain, which has been seldom recently, and a pond dedicated well... but the well needs electricity. he has a generator(s) but if no fuel, generator won't work!

    they have city water... but that water comes from a well to a tank, through pipes to his house.. couple of problems... in big storm electricity went down. no mo water... and pipes in city are old. they break about every other month, and city takes a while to fix.
    city needs to put in new pipes, but no money! so they just fix as they break. city employee guy that knows what to do, quit recently. if shtf, city water supply would be out of commission for sure within a month.

    he has a second well for the barn. electricity. see above note about generator and fuel.

    he has some water filters in case he has to get water from pond or creek.

    better off than most folks... but in a crisis, how long would he share? how good of a friend is he?

    hmm. i can buy a case of bottled water for about 4$. maybe i'll go get a couple more.
    and maybe get one or 2 of those 5 gallon water containers. that would help!

    we used to have a swimming pool, but sold that house... i used to read some internet stories about the shtf and many authors talked about how the group had a swimming pool and they used that water to drink for months... and how the kids in the group could swim during the day to cool off. lol.... those authors had never had a pool or been responsible for a pool... lol... that water turns pea soup green fast! not counting the urinary inclinations of the youngsters... it was always an early indication that author hadn't really thought about water needs.

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    We're on city water, but we also have 3 wells that we use for irrigation. Had the water tested and it's safe to drink, and when the genset runs out of gas, there's a working pitcher pump that can be attached. We have a 19K-gallon pool for non-potable water usage, a 50-gallon fresh water tank in the RV, and gallons of bottled drinking water. I'm more worried about the hordes from the city than water.

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    great comment...
    i'm curious... how close are you to the city? (and feel free to give some make believe info) but i'm curious to the comments that develop...
    are your neighbors supportive type?
    trust them?
    i'm in a rural area... lots of hunters/shooters... you? on the edge of inner city? doesn't sound like it with 3 wells! i'm jealous. makes me curious if they produce water from the same supply source..
    my friends 2 wells are near each other... i'm sure they are drawing from the same reservoir.

    i spent most of the day pulling tree trunks and limbs out of the dry creek at friends.. dry meaning only about 2 inches of water from recent heavy rains. broke an old chain on one... huge all the tractor could handle...
    friend keeping me up to date on his neighbors... doing business and activities in community... he's learned some that have great appearances and impressions are completely untrustworthy. and others are real solid folks that he had thought would be problems.... !
    how are you doing on discerning neighbor/community reliability status? any suggestions?

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