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  1. #21 it with the boomer stuff I got behind one of the check-writers the other day. Little Tammy told grams 3 TIMES, mam, the register fills out the check for you, you don’t need to sign it. 10-minutes later, when grams finished her scrawl on the check and took a couple of more carefully tearing it out, Tammy ran it through and handed it back to her. Another 2-minutes explaining why, and who printed all that stuff on her check. And yes, questioning every scan. I’m glad there wasn’t a blood pressure machine close-by, I would have broken it. BTW, boomer who likes Drowning Pool.

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    I also skipped over the whurley swirly wheel of further time loss-

    So in the check out line after Gram Gram completes her 2-3 minute penmanship contest on that new fangled electronic gizmo, and after she realizes the cashier has had her hand out for 30 seconds offering her the receipt, then -AND ONLY THEN- can these silver haired debils' even begin to start tackling the wheel of time misfortune which is also known as the turner thing that holds your full bags.

    If your lucky and have an energetic cashier, she will load the bags in the buggy for Grams while she is still figuring out it's time to leave. If not, expect that to eat up another couple minutes of time. Why? Because of course no one could possibly have the foresight to know those bags had to come off the turny thingy and go into your cart! What are they Gray Nostradamus? No one can divine such things! Surely this is the "world of tomorrow" they saw in Disneyland in 1950 where robots will do mundane tasks like that, surely we don't need to pay attention to that, our robot servants will load the cart just like those nice kids used to do at A and P back in 1953.

    Either way, whether Grams loads the cart (God forbid) or the cashier does, Grams will search each empty bag still remaining ready to be loaded for the next customer to make sure no Geritol is left behind! This younger generation stiffs them enough not paying more taxes to SSI so Grams will be damned if she leaves her Geritol for some "uppity" 40 something trying to get back to work to pay taxes that pays her income!

    Another minute or so to close the purse, something that in no way, shape or form can be done outside of the exact same stop she has remained in the whole time. No, that MUST happen right there, further blocking commerce for another unknown amount of time.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    the comments about grams and friends are true... lol and funny.. and sad...
    being the young age that i've attained...
    i've begun to watch the ole folks... and what they say and do..
    some are getting sickly and ailing and this disease and that ailment... lots of em have the same ailments as their neighbor and especially the same ailments as their brothers and sisters and parents.. why? i don't know...

    but have you ever looked to see what your grams and your parents got sick of before they went to glory? (assuming they went thatta direction!)

    just a suggestion... whatever it was that your "upline" suffered from or is suffering from ..
    google it... and ask the question.
    is disease abc genetically relayed to the next generation...
    i forgot (gettin' crs on occasion myself) how to properly phrase the question.
    but some of you ole geezers that grew up carrying computer punch cards to computer class in college will be smart enough to figure it out...! enjoy...

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    IBM, 80 column to be exact. No CRT’s at the time.

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