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    fire in western aussie land

    i have an associate in western australia. last night (my night time, not his!) he started sending copies of alerts/warnings he rec'd.

    i asked questions and he sent this link.

    as i read, there is a link below fire info about 4 possible china virus threats.

    talk about a "what if" situation!
    in my associates situation, the fire got real close then with all the firefighting/wind/prayers the fire backed off. they had not evacuated. but vehicles were packed... he probably should have evacuated.

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    So we have a BOL and this has kind of always been a fear. We cleared about 4 acres around the cabins, but we are on top of a small mt in NC in the pisgah and if that place burns, which it has done before, we would probably all die of smoke inhalation if we were up there. and we dont have the heavy equipment to dig in large enough fire breaks.

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