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    your g'parents and parents

    2 background stories:

    1. our family bought a small house for our parents near me. long story. ended up being a rental, as my parent(s) never moved in. a lady moved in. all went well then she went downhill. bottom line. she's gone and house is a mess. i've got a new job.. cleaning and repairing. in doing so, i can't help but remember how we got to this point..

    2. years ago. maybe 15 or 20? i was on a well known suvivalist/homesteading type web site, that primarlly attracted christian or at least conservative type folks. and i asked the question... what are you doing to help prepare for your parents/grandparents/other senior you care about? it was pretty clear many had not even thought about it. there were some good responses. i had 4 folks in particular, that i was concerned about, and so looking for advice. one of the sites most popular posters said something like "if the shtf, take a pistol and put a bullet in the back of their head and you are done with it" i was shocked, but realized that something similar was a common plan.

    so, i bring up the question again. what plans are in place for the seniors in your life? you may want to label them your aunt or your neighbor to keep from giving out too much personal info!

    regarding my senior. now 15? years later, after popular poster said "shoot them" she is still doing well. uses a walker. well past 90, and lives in a large assisted living facility. she comes to stay with us occasionally for a day or 3. she is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. she does have some medical issues that flare up every 4-6 months or so. facility nurse knows how to treat and/or get better treatment from others if needed. should there be a threat, she comes here. in the event of shtf, having her here would be a huge benefit and asset. yes, there would be some time invested to help her, but the benefits, far outweigh the costs.

    so, what about your senior widowed aunt? or that ww2 hero uncle?

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    So just so anyone reading this knows- Rockriver is NOT talking about a comment that was made HERE, it was made on another forum. I believe it was "Bookworm" on John's forum correct?

    The "Bookworm" guy was your typical liberal in survivalist's clothing with typical liberal beliefs- abortion for all, euthanize the old, etc.. The funny thing was when you read between the lines about the guy himself other than book knowledge he seemed to be devoid of "value" in the sense he was describing as well. But again, typical liberal crap- do as I say not as I do type of non sense.

    Just wanted to clarify this because RR has a way of posting that is a bit cryptic and I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression that this happened here.

    Continue with post already in progress....

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    lowdown is absolutely correct... apology to ld3 and crew that i didn't make that more clear!

    it was NOT on this forum..

    ld's further comment brought back another remembrance. a fellow on another forum who fit ld's description... had a male "associate" that was seriously ill... and after years of liberal bravo sierrra and frequently down right evil, ole fellow was posting about he was all kind of upset that his extremely close "associate", his bff, was so sick and so wasting away. and oh. what am i going to do. associate meant so much to fellow... i had to assume associate had similar inclinations to fellow. made me wonder why fellow didn't just go "euthanize" him!
    now, how do they put this sentence in the beginning and end of books and movies.. something like...

    "this story is completely made up and bears no resemblance to anyone living, dying or dead. and any perceived similarity to anyone living, dying or dead is completely coincidental."

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    so, what about your senior widowed aunt? or that ww2 hero uncle?
    Our parents and grandparents are gone. I wish they were all still living. We have kids who don't live near us so we won't be able to help them if the shtf. We've done our best to teach them to be prepared to take care of themselves.

    Now we are the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, and we'd better stay ready to take care of ourselves...

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    Okay, so I am not the only one that found Mr. Bookworm a bit tiring. He has a California point of view, like Lowdown said a liberal that is more talk than do.

    Here is a good take on what to do with your family, and it does not involve expending any ammo-

    1 Timothy 5:8 King James Version (KJV)

    8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

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    gordon, i've never served in the military... but "i salute you and your response." thank you sir.

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    I believe it was "Bookworm" on John's forum correct?

    That is one serious troll, glanced at his stuff for many years and he was one of the reason's I haven't been to John's website in a long time.

    Lots of good folks there but that one guy(maybe ,maybe not a guy) is the epitome of the definition of a troll.

    Darn shame that.

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    "guy, maybe not a guy" hmm. more and more a legit. question.

    i was harassing a medical associate about some of the corona stats..
    45% male
    52% female
    3% don't know!
    i made up the above numbers/percentages, i don't remember the actual.
    but i was pointing out to associate that "what is the matter with these numbers folks are either male or female... associate took the razzing for a while.
    then got serious,
    "rockriver, you don't understand... it seriously is harder to tell than you realize. so often we just can't tell what they are!"

    i'd put lol but our society is getting crazier and crazier, when a medical person can't look at an individual and discern whether they are male or female! it's not a laughing matter.

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