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    we dont' want to wear a mask.


    hopefully the above link will work. security guard tells female she must wear a mask in store. store rules and gov't rules.. she goes home and tells murderer. murderer and son go to store and kill security guard.

    as i consider this event. the thought comes.... what would be an appropriate punishment for the two killers?
    jailed for a little while till they get psycho treatment?
    chain gang for a couple of years?
    execution by firing squad, guillotine, hanging, electric chair,
    or chemical?

    injection of the bad stuff virus and jailed publicly with no medical treatment so that killers kin and frin, can see what happens when you help spread the virus?
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    Well, this is Detroit/Flint, Michigan we are talking about. A third world $#!+ hole right here in 'Murika!!
    The guard was a black man but he was somebody's father/husband/son and was trying to make an honest living.
    The two women and the two men were also black. This would be worth burning down a few city blocks had the security guard been white and ended up alive and with one of the women or men dead. Instead of an unarmed security guard, they need some Roof Koreans.

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