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Thread: Second Chance:

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    Thank you sir, I just finished "Normal" for the 2nd time. My eyes are still bleeding

    Is 2nd Chance available as a pdf download?

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    Not yet. I'm still looking through a second edit for a possible go at publishing. If I can trim off about three hundred pages, it's a better sell then the current nine hundred pages. I tend to get a little wordy when I write lol

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    Good luck with the publishing. If it doesn't work out, you could go with plan "B". A cd with your stories and other related "stuff", much like JDY did. Of course, getting published would be way more cool

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    Love to write the forward for you if your interested.
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    Great read, being drug round the world by my dad (E-8 retired USAF) NCOIC 1608 Military Police. I see many similarities in the way Grand expresses himself. Reading his stories is like being around friends all over again

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    Hi Grand
    Thank you very much!! i love the Story! it really is one of the best story's i especially enjoyed the fact that it played in Tennessee, soon to be my adopted home..
    Also wanted to thank you for sending me the email with the link to here a while back, i couldn't read it sooner because i was in south korea and apparently this site does not work over there

    @ the admin
    right now, im more or less leaching becouse im going trough a turbulent time (im immigrating to the USA).. but i promise ill participate and try to share some of what little i know as soon as i settle down...

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    Whew, I finally got time to sit down and finish "Second Chance"; what a story!!! Excellent writing, Grand. Thanks for the time and effort you put into it, I hope you have good luck with publishing it!

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    Thanks for the great story and for directing me to this site (I originally started this story at Frugals).


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    Grand, what can I say? An outstanding tale, told in an outstanding manner, from a person with outstanding talent.

    I laughed, I cried, you pulled up the entire gambit of my emotions! Thank you for sharing your God given talent with us!

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    Grand- your thread here isn't seeing enough "views", I'm gonna pull it down to make space on the forums LMAO

    Congrats, great job!

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