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Thread: Second Chance:

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    great Story. I am Glad Ohio sided write in your story. They rarely do in most authors. I am an Ohioan born and raised. I can tell you that the rural Ohioans would support Cindy. More then a few "Jeff Tilson" types in My town and most farms around hear have some pigs at least. Protect those who are unable to protect themselves.

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    I just wanted to say this was a great story.

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    I don't say it enough, but thanks to all the readers who continue to have interest and read this. Greatly appreciated.
    Experience is a cruel teacher, gives the exam first and then the lesson.

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    All I can say is wow, I am new to the site and followed a link from another site to this one because someone posted a positive review and recommended the store. I could not stop reading this story. It is stories like this that is the reason I really don't watch TV anymore.
    OK time to read another story from Grand.
    I am glad I followed that link.
    Thanks Grand you have gift that I wish I had the time and patience to try.

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    Finally finished this thread.
    Grand58742: Bless you for a well writen story, curse you for the sleep I've missed while staying up reading it even though the story was worth it. At times, I too wished to hang Cliff.
    "moars": Most of your post were deleted before I read this thread, but be gratefull that Grand gave you the story as he had each chapter ready, it could have been worst and he had been like me and not put anything on line untill it was completed.

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    Grand58742, I too have lost sleep in the perusal of your fine story. You just lead a reader down a pathway with your descriptions of characters and time flys. The story has evidently been up for some time here by the date stamp of your posts. Being a new member to this site I have only recently found this extremely enticing read. I applaud you sir as I've read others have as well.And rest assured your insight into radical Muslim laws are appreciated.

    Good luck to you in your future endeavors of the written word.

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    Outstanding story!! You sir are every bit as good, if not better than any other author out there including those who are usually on the NYT Best Sellers List and you deserve to be in their company.

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    Closed and locked per poster's request 11/21/2013
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