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  1. Praise
  2. Watching Prophecy
  3. Moderation
  4. prayer request
  5. Psalm 91
  6. Prayer Request
  7. Prayers for my mother and family
  8. Nationwide Prayer call 140 days of prayer
  9. This year (2010), September 11th falls on the exact day of Yom Teruah... Significant!
  10. I received a blessing
  11. Bible vs the Cell phone gives one something to ponder
  12. Romans 8:31-39
  13. Jim's Quote of the Day?
  14. Child Singing Amazing Grace
  15. Prayer for healing
  16. Back home safe
  17. a close associate will be in haiti
  18. 1 year old with high temp
  19. Wife taking her first Pathphysiology test today
  20. 40 day fast until election planned
  21. 100 Pastors to defy the IRS
  22. Praise!
  23. Are there really people like this?
  24. prayer for a couple
  25. Rachel's tomb now called a mosque by U.N.
  26. Requested Prayer
  27. The Church and how far we have come by Chuck Baldwin
  28. asking for a prayer
  29. Praise
  30. Praise the Father !!!
  31. My father
  32. Praise for Spring
  33. Which one
  34. sudan -- new Christian nation
  35. Do you believe in demons?
  36. Asking For Prayers
  37. non 501(c)3 churches?
  38. Favorite book
  39. End Time Signs Conference
  40. Tornado Roll Call for mid America
  41. Mark of the beast
  42. Apology-Lurking
  43. God is Love, God is in control vs. nahum 1 2-8
  44. prayer for a "little place"
  45. Rain in the southwest
  46. Navy Seals
  47. God bless the u.s.
  48. Thank you God
  49. Prayer Request
  50. Lots of Prayer Needed Now thru Thursday.
  51. Urgent prayer request !!!!
  52. Verse from version I'm not familiar with
  53. Bible Software programs what do you use?
  54. Gallbladder
  55. For my sister
  56. Steve Jobs
  57. Prayer of thanks
  58. Lets all not forget
  59. I need your help
  60. Its Over
  61. prayer for my grown son and daughte
  62. Prayer request
  63. pray for my company
  64. Prayer Request - Tornando
  65. Heard from Matt in OK?
  66. Beat down, whipped and tortured!
  67. Praise report
  68. Pray for Mercy
  69. Prayer request for a friend
  70. prayer for rain
  71. Say a lil prayer for momma
  72. Prayer for a friend
  73. Words that should never be forgotten
  74. S&P Member Prayer Request on Wildfires
  75. becky has leukemia
  76. Sad but True..
  77. Pray for our land
  78. What I believe that Jesus is saying to our present situation
  79. ALL the Time God is Good
  80. Pray for a fallen brother
  81. Pray for representatives, leaders, etc.
  82. Company Relocating
  83. Got a faith question that I need help with.
  84. the duck commander gives his short version
  85. prayer for the Gideons
  86. young autistic boy sings a prayer request.
  87. Grandfather with Bone Cancer
  88. Thoughts about the tornado in Oklahoma
  89. Take Time Today to See Something Beautiful
  90. Don't forget the praise
  91. Prayer for our son
  92. prayers for the families of the dead and the wounded at the Navy yard
  93. pray for our ministers and our country
  94. southernprepper1
  95. IL Tornadoes
  96. Lord, i try to be nice...
  97. some prayers needed
  98. Faith, family and preparing
  99. Prayers for a friend
  100. a thank you Lord.
  101. in HIS NAME and in the NAME of JESUS
  102. Need Guidance
  103. Been away for a while....
  104. Great worship song
  105. Thank You Lord
  106. It's so true!
  107. psalms 94
  108. People responding to God's Spirit
  109. Merry Christmas!
  110. uncle arthur or erskine
  111. Please stop making movies....
  112. another worship song.... with some marines! "Days of Elijah"
  113. david cameron of u.k. stands tall
  114. do you need a reason to get out and get your preps in order... all of them.
  115. OT and NT for pack
  116. Dealing with death
  117. Is ISLAM and their countries the 4 colored horses in Revelation?
  118. Risen movie
  119. JESUS (The Dove) revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls ~ Hidden by men & agendas
  120. Need a few prayers
  121. christians killed for their faith.
  122. Fires up north
  123. Prayer request for my brother.
  124. Giving opportunity
  125. mansions of the Lord
  126. Houston and Harvey
  127. Israel lives..... hallelujah!
  128. Praise the Lord
  129. Boils on the skin... Where have we seen this?
  130. Hurricane Michael
  131. new legislation regarding babies
  132. He's alive!
  133. 2 Timothy
  134. Joy of giving
  135. Please Say a Prayer
  136. Lord, we have turned from you
  137. Morning praise music
  138. How He loves us
  139. prayer for eyes to be opened
  140. asking for a blessing
  141. Pray for our Nation
  142. I ask for prayers for our family...
  143. It's Been a Year
  144. One of ours has the COVID bad
  145. Please Say a Prayer
  146. Please remember John in your prayers