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  1. Fencing thoughts

    Fencing for your retreat needs to be thought out a good bit. Various considerations include questions like:

    "Can a vehicle gear into this area readily?"

    If that's the case then the post size of the fence needs to be bigger in that particular area, the posts need to be closer together, you need to be sure the posts are in far enough and hopefully set in concrete as well. All these little things making using a vehicle to slug an opening in your fencing harder to ...
  2. Posting blogs

    Due to a high number of spammers using the "blog" function, ALL blog posts are moderated. This means they have to be viewed by a mod or admin first and approved before being displayed.

    Usually I check this area about once every week or so. So if you make a blog post and it doesn't immediately show, now you know why.

    For more immediate posting, email me at

    right after you post a blog and I'll go in and approve it. ...