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  1. Heat Emergencies

    Since we are in the middle of summer, let us discuss heat emergencies. I know, a month or so late, but here it is anyway. Please watch yourself during these extreme temps we are seeing nationwide (except some areas in CA as they are having a cool summer).

    There are three types of heat emergencies:
  2. Hurricanes -getting ready pt 2

    Hurricanes- getting ready pt2
    So far we have hit on the very basics a plan,water and food. There is much more to getting ready for a hurricane, even if you are leaving town.

    I always say that there is 3 core basic items you need to stay alive no matter what. Food,water and shelter. You can only live 3 days with out water,3 weeks with out food and 3 hours exposed to the elements. During a hurricane you may run into all 3 of those. Shelter is basically what ...
  3. Hurricane preps part 1

    Hurricanes- getting ready . pt.1
    Being in the southeast means that we have a few little problems with mother nature from time to time. Hurricanes being a yearly event for most of us that live in that area of our country. Since there is ALWAYS plenty of warning there really is no excuse for a full time resident or a seasonal one to not be ready.To help those that have never been through a hurricane or for those wanting to finally be prepared for one I will go through some common issues,preps ...
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  4. Boil it all down

    We are condensing blog posts from the old blog site here so we can discontinue the old blog site-

    Boil it all down- copyright 2009 Robert Henry

    Looks like a lot of folks are finally coming to the realization that they need to be part of a functioning survival group to make it long term. My only reply to this is simply "Hallelujah!" For years I've encountered resistance on many of the forums whenever I mentioned that an individual NEEDS a group of like ...
  5. Prepare to WORK!

    We are condensing posts from the old blog site here so that we can do away with the old blog site-

    Prepare to WORK! copyright 2009 Robert Henry

    It's my contention that most American survivalists have no concept whatsoever of the amount of work that will be necessary in a long term survival situation.

    You always hear things about storing board games to "p*** the time." This could prove useful if you had a long term stay in a fallout shelter, ...
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