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  1. Great info on fencing you posted on my visitor messages. Feel free to start a thread and post that, it's great stuff. Thanks
  2. Hi there
    This is newbie cpt_sfc Ref: fence blog It is a very good view of security fence. My last 14 yrs Army combat eng cpt
    We used to get and where I live can still get surplus road 8x8 guard rail + posts and the cable that goes be hind some of it. You have to watch your area. This stuff makes getting thru a fence almost impossible and no where to hide from rifle fire . The cable is the key guard rail or not. One laces the cable thru the fence at about 2-3 feet above ground level , anchors you can buy at any farm store to anchor the cable to the ground . A post hole for ea. filled with ready mix around the anchor then fill and compact. At each end of bury a loop in the ground with ready mix. You only need to anchor every 50 to 100 ft. pull cable as taught as possible. This can even screw up a track as it causes the fence and cable to roll up in the sprocket assm. Don't,t want credit nor want to step on toes just a effort to help. Thank you for your time.
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