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    New chapter, I hope you enjoy it.

    Chapter 6 – Down but Not Out
    “The house is powered by twelve 180 watt solar panels feeding a battery bank of sixteen 6-volt golf cart batteries. We also have a backup diesel generator that runs two hours every two or three days when it is not sunny”, I explained to Doug and Connie.
    They were wondering why we still had power since every else the grid had died. “We decided to install the solar powered system about five months ago, their power here was unreliable and just getting too expensive. The total costs on the system was right at $18,000.00 dollars. Had the grid system pulled out!! Both the power company blew a couple of circuit breakers on that. They said, “You can’t do that”.
    Contacted our lawyer who wrote them a nice letter. The next week, they came and pulled the meter. “Guess we did it just in time, but boy were they ever PO’d about it. Along with the solar power, we went with an on demand propane water heater with the ability to switch over to solar hot water heating when the sun shone for a decent amount of time. We even went with a new fashioned wood cook stove, makes great bread and heats the house”. I explained.
    “What’s going to happen when word gets out that you have power and they don’t”?, Doug asked.
    “I haven’t spread the word about it and security issues are something we need to discuss and plan on”, I said with concern on my face. It had only been six days since the markets went seriously south.
    If you listened to the available radio stations, as the power went off in the cities, riots erupted soon afterward. First over the most trivial things like, believe it or not, not being able to surf the internet or watch TV or use your cell phone. Once people realize that maybe this was a SHTF scenario and food, water and sanitary was gone, (maybe permanently) things exploded.
    “Only one week and people have gone crazy”, Carlene observed. “Two hundred forty three dead in riots in Charlotte, one hundred seventeen in Roanoke, Va., what has happened to people.”
    “How safe are we here”? asked Connie. “Do you think people will be rioting here”?
    “Well, if you didn’t have food, water and no means to get those things, I would think sooner, not later, things would start to happen, especially if you were dependent on the authorities whether local, state or federal for your means of subsistence. I think that is why it was best for us to get out of the city asap and come here”, Doug replied.
    “Yes, our security is going to become an issue, no, it is an issue right now. I really don’t know how long it will be before WE start seeing people trying to get out of Dodge, so to speak, we it will happen. Right now there are the four of us. Our daughter and two granddaughters are suppose of their way here now from Greeneville, TN., should be here today. That will give us a total of five adults.” I said unconsciously looking at the calendar on the wall.
    It had been four days since we had spoken to our daughter, telling her that it was time NOW to leave Greeneville and get here. With two young daughters to help her pack their small car, they had left on Saturday the 15th of October. A short four word email, (the last email we would ever get) said, “We’re gone. Love you.”
    We live one and one-half miles off the closest county road. One lane in, dead end. The nearest neighbor is a half a mile away, also on this dead end road. The road is cut into the side of a mountain, steep enough that it requires all four to climb up, and if you go off the side, well, it is a long way down with very little to stop you. Any vehicle that approaches can be heard at least one half mile away and with the leaves off the trees can be seen at the same distance. I am glad the leaves have fallen off.
    “Dwight, I hear people talking, someone is crying”, Carlene exclaimed. She was looking out over the area with her binoculars when she practically shouted, “It’s Chelsea and the girls, but they’re on foot”.
    “Does it look like anyone is hurt”, I asked. “I can’t tell from here, just go get them”!! Carlene shouted.
    “Get the shotgun Doug, I’ll take the rifle”, I said picking up the AR-10. We both check to see that we were fully loaded and started out to meet the girls. Stalking in single file, ten yards apart, it took us approximately 15 minutes to cover the distance between us. We hid about 15 feet off the side of the road on the uphill side and let the girls pass us to make sure there was no one else following before we popped up. Doug covered our back side, while I calmed my daughter and granddaughters down.
    It was good to have them home!!
    We made it back to the house and thanked the Lord that he safely guided both Doug and Connie and our daughter and granddaughters to us. Details would be filled out on Chelsea’s escape (what else could it be called). About 5:00 that evening, in what would be the last radio broadcast for a long time, the radio announcer gave the news.
    “As of 2:00 PM, EST, October 17th, 2011, Martial Law has been declared in the United States. There is a mandatory curfew between the hours of 6:00 pm and 7:00 am. Any and all civilians caught looting will be shot on sight. All food supplies exceeding a five day maximum is to be turned over to federal, state and or local authorities. All fuel supplies, (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc) exceeding 10 gallons is to be turned over to federal, state and/or local authorities. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be establishing assistance facilities for all civilians in disaster relief aid. At the present time Habeus Corpus is being suspended. Your Federal Government fully expects this period of martial law to be temporary and upon restoration of order to be rescinded.”
    Anyone ever heard the saying, “We’re the government and we are here to help you”!!!

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    OK, Keep it up, you have my attention.

    I'm so glad I have pre-escaped the city, I still have to commute in every day, but then that means that each day I can choose to NOT take the risk of the commute, or bail out early and beat the rush (riots).

    I'm still trying to figure out how FEMA will get enough goons to raid country homes for food, when it will cost more lives in goons than it will save in food stolen? Goons may be stupid, but still when you go out a dozen in the morning and only 4 of you make it home at the end of the day, just how many days will you be willing to make the bet "YOU" will be one of the 4, no matter what the head count is on the other side? Molone Labe can apply to more than just weapons.

    All civilizations rise, rule, decline and fall. Most of us have lived through the tail end of the "Rule" part, and now happen to be living through the decline, and may see the fall. There is nothing really to be upset about, as long as your are prepared for it; it is a natural process, the trick is to not get caught up in everyone else s panic, and the governmental reaction.

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    Bring It my friend. Excellent beginning to a great story. Everybody in TN knows that greeneville is spelled GreenEville Sorry, but I couldn't help it. I have friends that live there and that's how they spell it. The rest of the story is believable.

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    I have seen this portrayed in other stories and I really wonder how people would respond to the demand that they hand over 'excess' supplies to the gov.

    I know on my side of the world the sound of raucous laughter would be heard miles away from my place.

    With a 'like H*ll!' follow-up.
    I am a free man!

    I always was.

    I always will be.

    I have always advised my children not to mistake having manners and being polite as being a sign of weakness. An individual with strength and confidence in him/herself will naturally be mannered and gracious to others.

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    Vary GOOD start! Keep on when you have time. Thanks

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    New chapter posting

    New chapter

    Chapter 7

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    Very good writing and an outstanding story line .
    Please keep it coming!!!!

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    Very enjoyable! Thank you!

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    Very good story. Thank you.

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    Nice Ground work...looking forward to reading more. Keep up the good work.

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