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    we got a winner!!
    congrats pro man!

    warms my soul

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    time to honor a great weapons engineer!!

    a great engineer of weapons is still alive! but not doing well.
    we've had fun on this thread, but in honor of Mikhail, i'll confess to having and liking a bb gun of his design or two or ??
    good. now i feel better.

    "Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the eponymous Kalashnikov assault rifle, is in an Izhevsk hospital with undisclosed health problems. The 94-year-old engineer has been hospitalized at least three times in the last year and spent most of the brief Russian summer in a Moscow clinic before being released in August . . ."

    mighty good video honoring the man, but also very educational for me.

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    no more sentimental stuff...
    back to reality..
    the zombies are attacking... one is getting into your personal space....
    what do you need... sure zombie ammo...
    but FIRST.... ya gotta have a 5.56 shooting AR...
    here's the proof...

    hey! what did that lady on the tv say?
    I heard it on the internet! (as she walks off with her French model who was smiling so nicely!)

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    On Frugals they were discussing the Izmash ban, someone mentioned that he figured AK owners would "convert" to AR's and one mentioned it being a "religious experience." So here is some Scripture to back up while that wouldn't happen -

    For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened (AK users), and have tasted of the Kalashnikov gift, and were made partakers of a reliable gun, and have tasted of the unfailing reliability of the platform and the accuracy of which is possible, If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto an AK, seeing their make known their ignorance afresh and put themselves to an open shame.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    um hmm.
    i think that's in the book of Robert. actually it was a letter to the people of the land of survivia and the city of preppin.
    I've heard that the author of the letter was a true believer and follower. the book of luke mentions that all should have swords.
    I'm pretty sure Robert was a good contemporary of luke's. I'm pretty sure luke and Robert are brothers in fact. both sons of the King.

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    To revive a dead thread (cuz' it needs to be revived), I offer my AK-74 Tantal as a combat weapon that is NOW, after some Magpul upgrades, almost able to woo me away from my AR's as a main go-to gun (but it still needs more testing, even if it is an AK)...

    Now a nice cheek weld without losing my folding compactness (and still fits in my "grey man" tennis racket bag), and a hand guard that I can mount a weapon light easily, thanks to Magpul...

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