i'm getting a little off topic..
a little lighter --
i gave the next can of tuna to the mousers.. they loved it..
seemed ok... but they disappeared for 2 days... i wonder if the humane society could get me in trouble... for feeding "old" food to animals!!
then a what if ...

the dems win, they celebrate with burnings, lootings, killings. destruction. shtf.
then all the folks that voted 'em in are refugees, wandering the roads looking for road kill... families are so doped up they don't realize they are hungry... oh yeah, some of that dope stuff makes you hungry i've heard.
so you've just set some out of date tuna, and a few other cans of similar vintage, on the porch to feed the kitties... and
thin, the thief, bobby, the bomber, and kim, the killer, come to your door, scrounging for food, cause da family be honegary.... and they are threatening injury to you and yours if you don't give them your groceries.
would it be unethical to hand them the last 6 cans of beans, tuna, and tomatoes you have... the ones that were on the porch about to go into the kitchen, but you are a person of love and care, that you would reluctantly allow them to go home and feed da chilruns. and just in case they need a can opener, you give them the old one and point out the creek at the bridge within sight, so they can get themselves something to drink.

2 questions.
1. should you point out all the overflowing septic tanks that are dumping into the creek? causing the water to look a little dark and oily?
2. should you tell them that the cans are bulging out, because you added some special peppers to give them a special flavor? just eat it all, it's an acquired taste.

just kidding folks, bad joke, cause no one i know would do anything like that..