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    we recently had close associates as guests for a few days. couple of Harvard grads. the day after we had a salad with the meal, the male commented to me that the Vidalia onion dressing had a 2014 date on it! not being snooty, just commenting and grinning. I laughed and told him, we save the good stuff for special guests!

    I forgot about the conversation till last night when I grabbed the same dressing. yep. best by feb. 2014.
    we all are still kicking!
    I used it last night, still tasted good, but decided 3 years over date, was long enough!

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    i'm fighting the crud (sinusitis, cold, allergies? I don't know what I've got!?)
    so, i'm taking whatever I can find in the vitamin, herbal, mineral shelf.

    echinacea looks like it might help.
    I read the label... expired june 2010.

    i'm batching it this week.
    digging in the refrigerator for food.
    found a container of store bought sliced sandwich ham. yahoo. It had been previously opened.
    and had a slick coating and didn't smell just right. so. I figured the cat would get a treat!
    this morning, he tore into a egg mcmuffin that spent the night in my truck... (until the ducks ran up and snatched the muffin portion and ran off.)
    anyway, back to the ham. the cat looked at it, smelled it, looked back at me, and just went to sit down.
    that ham must have been bad news.

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    batching it again...
    wife had left a casserole that i've been eating this week.
    but i had run out of leftover veggies in the fridge.

    went to pantry and got a can of mixed veggies best by 2017
    and can of green beans

    the mixed veggies were great.
    the green beans can had light rust along top edge... and i was surprised that can was only part filled with liquid.

    i put the beans in a pot to heat them... looked ok. smelled ok.
    but i couldn't get over why the can wasn't full.....?

    i looked at can best by 2012.... i tossed the beans.
    and i woke up this morning with no tummy ache! feeling fine!!

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    I had a ham bone from Easter and a 17 Bean soup mix from 24 years ago , And dried onions. **** fine soup, but did have to soak beans a day and half with a Tee Spoon of soda in water. The bag of beans was sealed in a food bucket and taped shut. Tape was dry and going bad. No bugs no fuss, kept in temp control room, dry, same year round temp in the 50s.

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    hot/tired/ digging in the small spare refrig... and found a mocha coffee drink that expired in 2014...
    rop "popped" when i opened it.. smelled good... tasted good...


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    hot/tired/cutting trees from storm.... ran over the best saw. handle broke. but still cranks!! yahoo. but hard to adjust speed with broken handle.

    back to extra frig... looking for some fortifying beverage..
    v8... that would be good and its cold.

    july 2007 on bottom of can...
    11 years plus ? a couple... 13 years old...

    maybe it'll put hair on my head!

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    If that works for your hair, please let me know :-)

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    The land that winter forgot
    I've been going through the pantries gathering non-perishables for the USPS food drive. In the process, I found 'stuff' in there that expired 3 years ago, 4 years ago...biggest garbage day in history! Not a bad thing as I can actually see what's in there now. 2 more shelves to go in one pantry and all the shelves in the other. Donating all the AP flour, white sugar, confectioners sugar, brown sugar, cake mixes, anything that I will NEVER use again (went keto last year and replaced all that with ingredients I will use), and freed up a great set of Prep Solutions canisters that will be repurposed for almond flour etc. Pantry #2 has a whole shelf of vacuum sealed canning jars full of beans and rice and corn meal packed in the late 90's - I cracked a jar of beans last year and they cooked up fine with the addition of some baking soda. That bag of Tostitos that hubby opened six months ago and abandoned is headed to the landfill...

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    only 3 years old post expired!! hey, that's good groceries!!

    mr. foster, sorry to report... no new hairs on head.

    i spent a bunch of time in a hot barn today... trying to protect tractor when doing clean up work... failed.. new scratches... but reading this thread and being thirsty, i went looking for liquid nutrition. there's an old person living in our house. good news on 2 counts..
    1. he gets social security check
    2. sometimes we buy those little expensive boosts or ensure for him.. expensive.

    anyhow, i absconded with one... expected it to be a couple of years old... i'm proud to report it is only 2 weeks past date!

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    i solved the hair problem.... had barber shave it... #2 and #1 clippers.

    wife is with ailing relative this weekend... i've eaten all the leftovers...
    so found a can of veggie soup... added a can of sam's chicken chunks... good by 2012..
    mixed it with left over baked beans .... good soup.

    after storm of 2018, i ran over several water spigots... some i did a quick fix placing a "cap" which fit by hand (friction, not cement) lowe's said it will work great on a permanent basis... nope...
    one of them blew out the opaque (sp?) cover.... that line is connected to city water... i'll probably have 200 water bill this month...

    running water in the house is a good thing...

    edited ..... hmm. something caused a little "uneasiness" today... 24 hours after the veggie/chicken soup... maybe 7 plus years is a little too long for members mark chicken... the critters will enjoy some cans of chicken.
    Last edited by rockriver; 10-14-2019 at 07:19 PM. Reason: 7+year old chicken

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