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    has any one put any thought in alternative fuel sources

    I was wondering if any was thinking of using alcohol,propane or any other fuel source. thnx
    p.s. And how they would do so.
    . p.s.sorry if I'm being to intrusive.

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    you mean in a vehicle or otherwise?
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    Vehicle, I have thought about it alot, and was wondering if any one had done so.

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    Nope, aint done it, all i can do right now to keep them going
    There are propane and CNG vehicles here but they have the same issue and that is refueling. There is a woodgas truck that is the best rig i've seen with practical applications so far
    Knowledge is Power, Practiced Knowledge is Strength, Tested Knowledge is Confidence

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    I've seen wood gas conversion, and alcohol dragsters, even propane vehicles in all shapes and sizes. I guess what I'm asking is wouldn't it be wise to able to run mutable fuel source. I.e. I used to live in foot hills in nor cal , there was is old timer (he was around 90 at the time) he had rigged his truck to run on gas or alcohol, at to flip of an switch.

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    Well i aint much help but others will get in here soon. I guess it depends on what you are prepping for and what you have available. If it all goes to s.. then there wont be alot of choices so multifuels will be better than straight gas in one way of thinking and the other is that there will be a huge dieoff and there will be supplies available . I think being the mobile civilization we are they will use most of the fuel looking for better greener pastures before dying. I'm pretty much going with foot or horses (maybe if I dont get hungry) for most of it.
    Knowledge is Power, Practiced Knowledge is Strength, Tested Knowledge is Confidence

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    I would love to an couple of horses, but I'm stuck living in an urban city area. Do to my wife.

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    I've looked into biodiesel but, like you, I'm in a pretty urban/suburban area. If I had the land to grow soy beans/corn AND had sufficient solar power, biodiesel would be the way to go. Guess I'd be stuck with a bicycle or lmd (leather movement devices...boots).
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    I like the idea of biodiesel, but I'm not running an diesel rig. I currently have an 72 ford on an newer model 4x4 chassy ( frame) with 351 Windsor. I get crappy mileage, but I can go nearly any I want, and it's an all steel body.

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    In Europe (at least those countries that were behind the "IRON CURTAIN" ) "dual fuel" cars have become pretty common in the last 15 years. They run both Normal "petrol" (ie gas) and CNG/Propane I could never get a straight answer at the time as to which it was. I did not know enough of the language nor enough about the difference between propane & CNG to ask the question the right way.

    And in recent years I have been thinking about being able to do that here. Even in my small suburb here in WNC, there is a CNG fueling station and would think it might be a good "option" to have the ability to run something different from most of the masses.

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