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    I built a wood gasifier, as I have plenty of wood around, but have not got around to testing it. I need to get an extra gas engine and build the filter to test it out.

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    I have listened to a gent by the name of Steven Harris. He has a website called solar1234 dot com. He rates batteries, hates solar, but he loves alcohol. He tells how to make an alcohol still from old bread that you get free from the stores (you can tell the people that you work for pig rescue) and make an alcohol still and run your vehicle from it, or a blend of it. Remember that older vehicles don't necessarily like E-85, or in this case E-100, but a newer vehicle may not have any problems except that alcohol gets crappy fuel economy. In the PAW, running a motorcycle, car, or whatever on alcohol might be a good idea. Wood gasification for generators or pumps. Solar for homestead. Mixing it up is the way IMHO.

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    I always thought a good investment would be a tri-fuel generator or at the least NG/LP generator. If the power goes out you won't be able to pump gas but you would be able to buy LP tanks should your NG supply become interrupted.

    I have heard Steven Harris, while I don't agree on his stance with Solar (specifically his ROI estimation with all the Tax Incentives that are available), he did a pretty good job of how to setup a battery bank in your home or in your vehicle. He stressed that its purpose was for minimal stuff like some LED lights and to charge your phone or run a small fan. He also has an audio on how to supply power from your alternator. He does sell a video on how to connect it all but he gives away the audio how to for free. battery1234 dot com

    I am not sold on the alcohol fuel stance he has. I would think a wood gas conversion would be better, obviously depending on your locale.
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    I live an urban environment so means of refueling is limited. I have no mortgage and helps me do what I want. I'd love to have some roof solar panels and small battery pack to at least help my oversized house. I've also looked into a home generator since I have NG heat. Then again. I can't have a big NG tank installed on my property because of codes. So would small tanks be worth if something happened to the main line? Probable not. So I have to make provisions for a second heat source. Which I have. As far as vehicles go. A wood gasified vehicle for me is not possible. My truck is a 92 with TBI but manual transmission. Also my go anywhere, situation, emergency vehicle. So if something happens. It can be push started. I have seriously thought about getting a propane kit for it to run both. Just not sure if it works with TBI. So I might have to buy a carb. I'm okay with that. Also considering getting another truck to fit more of a DD/ heavy towing/ road trip vehicle. Probably an 08-10 Ford SD. Then I'll have to make provisions for that vehicle as well. Doing mods to increase reliability and Biodiesel compatibility. Maybe an electric or gas powered scooter like a Honda Ruckus would be worth looking into for around the property or lite muscle work. I wiegh around 140 and yet my Ruckus around town netted me 124 MPG. Anyway. This is my view on alternative fuel. Hope I'm not too far off subject. If so. Let me know.

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