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    Perimiter Motion Detector with IR Flasher

    I finally found some free time today to devote to a series of projects I have been working on involving perimeter security. The projects will include Dakota Alert mods, wireless remote video surveillance, remote device triggering using DTMF tones generated from ham radios and some sensors for those who have NVG's. I built up a very quick prototype for a perimeter sensor that uses a motion detector to set off a 950nm IR beacon. The beacon is standard mil stuff that im sure lots of you have seen, you know the one that mounts directly to a 9V battery. Anyways I thought that it would be a great addition to remote security when using NVG's. Concept is simple, remotely place the sensor along areas you wish to monitor and when the motion detector trips the IR beacon flashes until it times out(duration is user selectable). The finished model will have 2 upgrades possible. 1.the option to locate the flasher remotely from the sensor so you can run it up a tree or move it so you can see it from your viewing position. 2. A small solar panel to recharge the battery for the motion and the IR Flasher. Im also considering a larger unit that will be a remote (using either RF, DTMF/radio or sensor)IR flood to light up areas that you simply cant see using your NVG's(this idea may not come to pass, depends on time)

    Below are a couple pictures showing the prototype enclosure and motion detector and a photo of the guts. Nothing special I just used a elk 960 relay and timer module. The final version will need to be approx 50% larger to allow room for a 2AH 12V battery as well as have a hinged door to allow easy access to the unit for timer adjustment.



    And the video.. You will notice that the led on the motion detector turns on to notify you motion has been detected. That of course is for demo purposes only, that is normally turned off. Also the IR Beacon only flashes for 2 seconds , again that was to keep the video short. It can be adjust form 1 second to one hour in second and minute steps..

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    Any other ideas on this unit or thoughts on additional devices are always welcome.

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    I couldn't get the video to play but I love the concept of what you are working on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benn Gleck View Post
    I couldn't get the video to play but I love the concept of what you are working on.
    Its a photobucket hosted video. What message if any did you get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by justanothergunnut View Post
    Its a photobucket hosted video. What message if any did you get?
    Here is the error message:

    photobucket error.jpg

    Here is how I got to your video:

    photobucket correction.jpg

    Here is the link to the video that works for me:


    I couldn't embed the video so the link will have to do.
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    Thanks 610. I think I know what happened. I'll try to fix it when I get back to a computer

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    hmm cant edit the post ..ooh well your fix is as good as mine.. Thanks

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