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    ocala campout and a coin show trip crazy idea

    going to the Orlando coin show I passed the exit for the Ocala campout...
    brought out some memories of some good times. (and some long drives!)
    I got to thinking and that is always dangerous!

    what if the campout was the same weekend as the coin show?
    campout folks could catch the coin show just before or after the campout....

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    What if the campout hadn't been the same weekend as an awesome Systema camp in Tampa? I wouldn't have missed the Systema training. LOL

    Yeah we ought to look at things like this when the dates are picked. Unfortunately that camp site is pretty popular. When you look at a 4 month window of time there, there is usually only ever 1-2 weekends open for rental.

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    I got it... here's the schedule!!
    coin show runs thurs. am to sunday p.m. supposedly the largest in the world.
    s and p campout usually runs Friday pm to sunday am second best only to the ga campout (but florida does have better facility!
    systema camp runs ?? Friday to sunday??

    then here's the plan.
    I head out from ga on Thursday am and see coin show Thursday pm and Friday am. carefully shopping for 1 silver eagle and 1 round.
    then leave the coin show with my 2 coins and head to Ocala, where I set up camp and meet and greet.
    Saturday morning the crew loads up a couple of vehicles and heads to tampa to watch "THE BOSS" (that's what we call him sometimes!) kick ABDULLAH's a@@ in the sat. morning semi's. then we watch THE BOSS run 4 miles to drop the 4 pounds he gained after weighing in..
    Templar could lead THE BOSS in stretching exercises. the rest of the crew could be resting up from all the early morning hollering.
    then THE BOSS could take on BORRIS THE GIANT (obviously from the motherland Russia) who bore a striking resemblance to the blond headed statue that sly stalone whipped in the rocky movie. ole borris came on strong in the beginning.... but that doggone ruskie hadn't done his stretches. and fought like a stiff piece of metal. not flexible at all and THE BOSS "survived" because he
    "prepared" and had ole borris playing the drums on that mat as he tapped out. all to the raucous, energetic rants and chants from
    wise, doc, ann, spock, tinman, protus, Gordon, puter, gaboy, mann, and a host of others!

    yee hah!!
    (I had to cut this story short... someone called needing help)

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    There's a few other sites....but.....they are more rustic. Like the set up in GA. And yeah unless you book say a November date now for example....that site goes fast.
    like a good fishing hole.....you show one Guy from work being nice and 50 boats are on it the next time you show up.....opsec lesson for sure lmao.
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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