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    PRI gas treatment

    we have an old runabout boat.
    last used 4 years ago..
    inboard/outboard 305
    we moved, life got busy, etc...
    we've been using PRI G consistently for many years.
    a mechanic buddy that owed me a favor agreed to come help/supervise the
    clean up of tank and fuel lines and carb.
    we started by removing gas from tank. he commented that he was surprised that the gas looked pretty good.
    the fuel lines weren't clogged... the fuel filter wasn't gummed up... we put filter back on.
    added 5 gallons of new gas.. (we didn't get all the old gas out... we suspect we had about 3 -4 quarts left.

    a little gas in the carb and boat cranked... I've now run the boat about 45 miles..
    mechanic was surprised that carb wasn't gummed up...

    the only thing I can think of is that the PRI G did it's job...
    I'm wondering if it would have cranked! we didn't even try.
    I'm glad we didn't...
    the old gas sure worked good burning huge debris piles!

    bottom line..
    high recommendation for PRI_G
    I'm not a mechanic... but I could have done this without having mechanic supervising if we were in the paw!

    (I'm going to change fuel filter!)
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    It would also be good to know how long Pri-G lasts in the bottle... It does not take a lot of Pri-G to treat hand-carry gas tanks of 5 gallons or so, so I have had the same bottle of Pri-G for about 5 years now, and I still have over 1/2 a bottle left. I do not use it in my vehicles, as the turnover is weekly, usually.

    I think I need to buy a new bottle, for next gas tanks fill-up...

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    I have tried to look up the shelf life of PRI-G before.
    There is a comment towards the bottom of the page

    "What is the shelf life for PRI Products PRI-G and PRI-D?

    PRI fuel stabilizers have an indefinite shelf life as long as its container remains sealed. Its life span begins to decrease once the container is opened and the product is exposed to the air. It is said to have a shelf life of 3 years once the container is opened. If you’re worried about not being able to use up the entire product before it potentially goes bad buying a bunch of small containers might not be a bad idea."

    If there is any level of truth from that statement, you might want to get another bottle. I don't believe harm would be caused by the old/opened PRI-G, just that you may not be getting the protection you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hidden_waldo View Post
    buying a bunch of small containers might not be a bad idea."
    I have quite a few Scepter cans back when they were cheap surplus, now with new seals and lids... A few red "old school" cans as well. I just can't convince myself to buy the new "nanny state" gas cans they sell now with the totally asinine spout...

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    I just finished running 50 gallons of gas treated with Stabil in my truck. No problems, I put this up in 2008. Stored outside in a shed in FL, in surplus Euro cans, and poured out through a separating funnel I picked up at a boat store. Don't believe all the hype, test it out...


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    It's just like Royal Purple and other "specialty" products... No one has the equipment to truly TEST the results, all we have is the CLAIMS by the maker and vendors... And the "it works good for me" testimonies on all sides. I wish someone would test gas additives...

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    This may be old news' if so sorry. I have found and the army taught me never use plastic to store gas of any kind. Metal cans only ,steel,alum. tin, beer barrels ,old out board tanks . Should have cap that vents in hot weather. The reason, new gas is made to go bad. Plastic allows vapors of the additive's to leave out thru the plastic and the new gas changes into bad gas . To try this yourself get a piece of clear gas line about a foot, fill with new gas cap off ends with thread protectors and let sit where you can see it (not in sun) it will turn dark and gum up. SO always metal cans/tanks. I recently used 25 gal. gas stored 7 years in a alum tank treated with marvel oil and a 2ozs 2 cycle oil, hooked it up to a new gen set ran fine. Why would .gov. want to limit life of gas-ammo etc?? amazing.

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    pri g to the rescue again!
    same boat...
    no use.
    new spark plugs. 10 gallons of new premium non ethanol added to tank... tank should have been full... oops.
    new fuel filter, filled with gas.
    new grease/oil/power steering fluid, but none of that helps it crank.
    my battery charger said "charged" but only took it 5 minutes to do that...??? can't be right.
    i need a new charger.
    battery wouldn't turn it over.
    didn't touch dist or wires.
    new battery
    fuel tank NOT emptied as before.. fuel lines not drained.

    turned over 3 x then i choked it, and it cranked... purring...

    i had pri- g in tank....
    get ya some!


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    I use PRI-G in ALL my 'units' that may sit for awhile...motorcycles, lawn mower, pressure washer, generator...and the list goes on. Unless they sit for years instead of months, I don't drain the tanks. Have had ZERO fuel related starting issues. I use PRI-G in stored gas and PRI-D in stored diesel. Never failed me.
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