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Thread: ATV's

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    They sure are TOUGH looking... Makes you think you could conquer the world on one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowdown3 View Post
    So if I went up to a FourTrax Rancher model-


    What would be the advantage? More power and size?

    Kifaru vs (insert) ... so....next camp out you'll be sporting a Honda hat.....
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rmplstlskn View Post
    They sure are TOUGH looking... Makes you think you could conquer the world on one.

    Only after I get a hockey mask, grow my arms about 10 more inches in diameter, lose all my hair and get a really cool slogan like

    "Just walk away, your lives will be your own... just walk away"
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault your poor?"

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    disclaimer... I've never had an atv...

    but the desire has been there several times...
    in our area of Georgia many folks looking for a deal would drive to ?Chattanooga? to buy their Honda.
    when I checked --the prices were less than I could get in surrounding towns.

    my sources did push the 4wd models at whatever size...
    the Chattanooga dealer was huge and name was something like "powersports"

    looking forward to some reviews!!

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    know this is a little off point, but if you wanted it as a working vehicle, would you be better off with something like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2009-John-De...US_Motors_UTVs

    Im not sure of the particulars why you wanted it, but for working vehicles these have great utility.

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    Whatever you get, the color should be hot pink or flaming yellow. That way in the PAW, if you get ambushed, you would have a better chance of being taken for a hippie, and not get shot as soon, so you can get closer and shoot first. The camo ATV would be riddled at first sight...

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    There are very good reasons why we all are gathered here...

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    I have a 420 Rancher. Plenty of power to climb and reliable. It's very handy for getting around on the homestead. There are places I just wouldn't take time to check on with out it.

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    If you want mainly utility use. I would seriously consider the John Deer. Especially with that diesel engine.

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